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Changes to this site before February 1997

9 December Added link to Nancy Kelly's searchable concordance of publications of inscriptions from Delphi. Updated home page with announcement of David Lewis Lecturer for 1997.
3 December Added images of the Egesta Decree (IG, I(3), 11), with discussion of the reading of the archon's name in line 3. Images also added of inscriptions from Athens (IG, I(3), 49; IG, I(3), 227 + IG, II(2), 65; IG, I(3), 237, 242; IG, II(2), 96), Chios (J. Vanseveren, RPh 1937, 325-32, no. 6; 333-34, no. 8; 337-44, no. 10; L. Robert, OMS i, 473-85; 518-24), Corinth (Corinth, VIII 2, 46a) and Priene (I.Priene 9, 13).
29 November Added images of two Hellenistic Corinthian inscriptions (Corinth VIII 1, 4 and Hesperia 41, 1972, 201-3, no. 3. Image also added of Alexander the Great's Letter to the Chians (Tod, GHI ii. 192), together with Greek text and translation for Java-enabled browsers.
28 November Added images of I.Priene 25 (Letter of Orophernes(?) to Priene), FD, III 4, 414 (SIG(3) 438) (Decree of Delphi for Kotys, king of Thrace), OGIS 24 (dedication of sundial to Ptolemy II from Herakleia Latmos), and I.Erythrai und Klazomenai 503 (repairs to the statue of the tyrannicide Philistos at Klazomenai).
25 November Added images of IG, I(3), 35 (appointment of a priestess and construction of a temple for Athena Nike), 46 (Athenian colony to Brea), and 248 (accounts of Nemesis of Rhamnous).
13 November Added links to on-line searchable editions of the Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri and ILS.
24 October Added further details of the Summer School in Papyrology.
21 October Image added of I.Priene 230, an honorific inscription for Julia Domna on which the erased name of a new procurator of Asia can be read.
20 October Newsletter 3 (Autumn 1996) posted in HTML format.
4 October Image added of SIG(3), 1000, a sacred law about sacrifices from Kos.
2 October Image added of the pilaster on which the lists of contributors to the Dionysia at Iasos were inscribed. Home and other pages brought up to date for new academic year.
25 July Replaced image of LB-W 71 (decree of Eleutherna recognising asylia of Teos).
23 July Replaced image of IG, I (3), 19. New images added of IG, I(3), 20 (fragmentary honorific decree), IG, I(3), 21 (Athenian regulations for Miletos), IG, I(3), 30 (fragmentary Athenian decree mentioning a corn shortage) and IG, XI 4, 765-66 (Delian decrees for Demetrios of Pergamon).
17 July Images added of I.Priene 196, together with link to Perseus Project record for the same inscription and its context in the city walls of Priene.
16 July New images added of IG, I(3), 1.
12 July Images added of IG, I(3), 11b and 12 (Athenian treaties with Egesta and Halikyaia) and MDAI(A) 1957, 233-241, no. 64 (Samian decree for a public doctor from the beginning of 2nd. century BC). Removed background image from home and other pages.
11 July Reorganisation of the list of sample images according to geographical region. Additional inscriptions added from Kos (letters from Seleukos II(?) and Ptolemy III recognising the asylia of the Asklepieion), Susa (3 manumission records and an honorific notice), and Corinth (decree for Corinthian judges).
8 July Updated information on CSAD home page.
3 July Added images of IG, II(2), 333.
28 June Added images of IG, II(2), 228, 232, 233, 345, all inscribed by "the cutter of IG, II(2), 334".
27 June Added images of IG, II(2), 334 and IG, II(2), 224, inscribed by "the cutter of IG, II(2), 334".
21 June New image of I.Priene 47.
14 June Added image of SEG, I, 363, Samian decree for Myndian judges, dated ca. 280 BC. Added images of lists of contributors to the Dionysia at Iasos in the early second century BC (I.Iasos 160-162).

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