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Changes to this site in 1997

31 October Updated links section.

Newsletter no. 5 posted in HTML and Acrobat PDF formats.
16 September Updated links section.

New images of early 4th-century Attic inscriptions added.
8 August Advert posted for Research Assistant for Oxyrhynchus Papyri Digitisation Project.

Images added of additional Hellenistic Chian inscriptions.
2 August Updated links section.

Added images of Athenian decrees for Kallippos and Demetrios Poliorketes; letter of Sulla to the Koans; recognition of Koan asylia by Ainos; and decree of Peparethos for judges from Sparta
12 June Newsletter 4 posted, together with advertisement for a postdoctoral Research Associate to assist in the organisation, cataloguing and publication of the squeeze collection in the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge.
30 May Added link to the "Inscriptions from the Land of Israel" project, which at present covers Beth She'arim, but aims eventually to include all the inscriptions from Israel from the Hellenistic period through the Persian conquest. The inscriptions are closely tied to their contexts through maps, plans and photographs.
24 May Updated links to include additional online texts of Roman inscriptions (Année Épigraphique 1888-1993; CIL II; III; VI; VII; VIII; XIII).

Added series of images from Rhodes and Crete. Images also added of IK.Erythrai 112 (Erythraian decree for judges from Kos) and I.Priene 27 fr. a (letter of a Roman magistrate(?) to Priene).
9 May Updated links on CSAD home page; gif headings also changed.

Added collection of images of Hellenistic Koan inscriptions.

Images also added of IG, II(2), 42 (Athenian alliance with Methymna in 378/7 BC); IG, II(2), 1060 and 1036, Athenian honorific decrees for the parthenoi who wove the peplos of Athena; IG, II(2), 1128 (Kean regulations controlling the export of ruddle); and SEG, XXX, 1072 fr. a (Alexander's Second Letter to the Chians).
17 March Added new page for forthcoming events at the Centre in Spring, 1997.

Updated details of Peter Allan Hansen's Hesychius project.

Images added of a Hellenistic decree from Thera for a gymnasiarch (IG, XII 3, 331); a dedication to Isis and Sarapis from Halikarnassos (GIBM 908); a decree and list of theoroi from Samothrace; and OGIS 257, a letter of Antiochos VIII (or IX) to Ptolemy XI. Also added further set of images of early Hellenistic Samian inscriptions.
5 March Links added to ZPE Home Page and Sybil database of documentary sources for Roman sports and society in translation.

Added additional images of early Hellenistic Samian inscriptions. Images also added of IG, I(3), 18 and 28, and two ephebic texts from the Roman period: IG, II(2), 3730 and 3734. Four sets of images of Hellenistic Royal texts: OGIS 242, 251, 255, and IG, XII suppl., 644 (diagramma of Philip V concerning military supplies).

19 February Added link to on-line second circular of the XI International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy.
17 February Added collection of images of early Hellenistic Samian inscriptions. Image also added of SEG, XVI, 469, an enigmatic Hellenistic collection of epigrams from Chios.
12 February Added links section on home page for Epigraphical and Papyrological Associations. The newly-formed British Epigraphy Society and American Society for Greek and Latin Epigraphy form independent "chapters" of L'Association Internationale d'Epigraphie grecque et latine (A.I.E.G.L.) and membership of them includes membership of A.I.E.G.L. What's New and Changes Archive pages updated.
10 February Posted redirection notice from old URL to CSAD's new WWW server. Added link on home page to American Society for Greek and Latin Epigraphy.
7 February Added image of Tituli Calymnii 78, a Kalymnian decree for a public doctor from Kos.

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