Editing Hesychius Pi-Omega

The Greek Lexicon of Hesychius of Alexandria (5th century A.D.?) exists in one manuscript (Venice, Marc. Gr. 622, 15th century). No complete collation or edition of the manuscript has been published since 1514. Kurt Latte's edition vols. 1-2 (alpha-omicron) appeared in 1953 and (posthumously) 1966 under the auspices of the Danish Academy in Copenhagen. In 1987 Peter Allan Hansen undertook to finish the edition for the Academy. Work on the edition is based on the archive of Corpus Lexicographorum Graecorum (photographs of the manuscript, Drachmann's unpublished edition of Cyril, etc.) belonging to the Danish Academy, and on the library resources of Oxford.

Manuscript of Hesychius Pi

View 300 dpi image of Venice, Marc. Gr. 622, beginning of pi

A more detailed account of the project can be read here (updated: March, 1999).

For further details contact Peter Allan Hansen at postal address: 21 Leckford Road, Oxford, OX2 6HX, England, or tel.: +44 1865 554747; e-mail c/o csad@classics.ox.ac.uk

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