Koan Relations with Ptolemy IV
M. Segre, Iscrizioni di Cos ED 130


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72 dpi image of M. Segre, Iscrizioni di Cos ED 130.

A larger, 150 dpi image of this inscription is also available.

Catalogue Record

Category: Decree
Subject: One of a group of four fragments (ED 17, 26, 130, 194) of a Koan honorific decree dating to the late third century for an unnamed individual who mediated Koan relations with a Ptolemaic king; the present fragment refers to royal gifts, the import of grain from Cyprus, and a Ptolemy - presumably Ptolemy IV.
The inscription was dated by Segre to the late fourth or early third century, but it was cut by the same stonemason as ED 49 which seems to belong to the context of the Cretan War at the end of the third century. PH 7 was associated by R. Herzog (RivFil 20 (1942) 13-18, 6B) with ED 17 and should be part of the same inscription. ED 110 may provide a further fragment of the jigsaw.
Date: ca. 200(?) BC.
Location: Kos, Castle Museum (inv. ED 130)

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