Naxian Decree for Koan Judges (OGIS 43)


View 150 dpi image of OGIS 43 taken with digital camera

A second image of the squeeze of OGIS 43, scanned with backlighting, which shows up the lettering of the inscription more clearly, is also available:

View 150 dpi backlit image of OGIS 43

View 150 dpi image of Asklepieion Inv. 24 (Holleaux, E.E. III, 27-37)

Catalogue Record

Category: Decree
Subject: Naxian Decree for Koan Judges sent at the request of Bacchon
Date: Ca 280 BC
Provenience: Kos
Location: Kos ED 129 and Asklepieion Inventory 24

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