Samian Honours for an Antigonid Officer
(H. Kyrieleis, AA 100, 1985, 445-6, no. 1)


View 150 dpi image of H. Kyrieleis, AA 100, 1985, 445-6, no. 1.
(This image has been inverted to make the lettering more legible).

A smaller, 72 dpi image of this inscription is also available.

Catalogue Record

Category: Decree
Subject: Fragment of a Samian honorific decree for an unidentified officer of Demetrios Poliorketes, inscribed by the "Cutter of Samos 161" (S.V. Tracy, Chiron 20, 1990, 66)
Date: ca. 301-286/5 BC
Provenience: Samos
Location: Samian Heraion

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