Athenian Archon List (527/6 - 522/1 BC)
IG I 3, 1031 fr. c


72 dpi image of IG I 3, 1031 fr. c.

A larger, 150 dpi image of this inscription is also available.

Catalogue Record

Category: Catalogue
Subject: One of four fragments of an Athenian archon list inscribed in the later part of the fifth century covering the sixth and fifth centuries. The archons listed on this fragment belong to the years 527/6 - 522/1 BC under the tyranny of Hippias.
Date: ca. 425(?) BC
Bibliography: Meiggs-Lewis A Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions (1988), 9-12, no. 6.
Location: Athens, Agora Museum (I 4120)

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