Honours for an individual involved in the defence of Halasarna
Paton-Hicks, Inscriptions of Cos 7


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72 dpi image of PH 7.

A larger, 150 dpi image of this inscription is also available.

Catalogue Record

Category: Decree
Subject: Fragment from the right edge of a Koan honorific decree dating to the late third century BC for an unnamed individual involved in the defence of Halasarna, perhaps against Macedonian attacks. Herzog associated PH 7 with ED 17; Segre, in turn, grouped ED 17 with ED 26, 130 and 194, but not with PH 7 (Iscrizioni di Cos pp. 24-25). Since all five fragments share the same lettering, letter size and line interval, it seems most likely that they all belong to the same inscription - of which ED 110 may be a sixth piece.
Date: ca. 200(?) BC.
Bibliography: R. Herzog, RivFil 20 (1942), 13-18, no. 6 B (relationship of PH 7 and ED 17).
Location: London, British Museum (GIBM 336)

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