Tribal Catalogue of Citizens from Halasarna
Paton-Hicks, Inscriptions of Cos 367


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72 dpi image of PH 367.

A larger, 150 dpi image of this inscription is also available.

Catalogue Record

Category: Decree
Subject: Decree, dated to the eponymous monarchia of Praximenes and inscribed on the cornice of an octagonal pillar, providing for the reinscription of the list of Koan citizens who shared in the cults of Apollo and Herakles at Halasarna; the list follows below on the main body of the pillar (PH 368).
Date: early 2nd century BC.
Bibliography: G. Pugliese Caratelli, ASA 25-26 (1963-64), 183ff. no. XXVI.
Location: Kos, Castle Museum

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