Saturday 9 May, 1998

Seminar Room, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

A Workshop under the auspices of the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents

Final programme

10.00   coffee
10.30 Fay Glinister 'Religious inscriptions in early Italy'
11.15 Edward Bispham '"The times they are a-changin" - Epigraphy, topography and politics in Puteoli; a case study'
12.00 Mark Pobjoy 'Country roads and local laws: 'village' epigraphy in Roman Italy'
12.45   lunch
2.00 Valerie Hope 'Fighting for identity: the funerary commemoration of Italian gladiators'
2.45 Alison Cooley 'Politics and religion in the ager Laurentinus'
3.30   tea
4.00 Guy Bradley 'Epigraphy and colonisation in Umbria and Picenum'
4.45 Benet Salway 'The Album of Canusium'
5.45   Concluding Discussion

The cost of the Conference, including coffee, tea, and a buffet lunch, will be £15.00, (graduate students £10.00), payable by cheque to "Alison Cooley".
Further information can be obtained from Alison Cooley, Corpus Christi College, Oxford OX1 4JF (email:, to whom registration forms and payment should be returned by 25 April 1998.


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