Viewing Java applets on this site.

Page layouts exported from the Uniqorn Page Layout System as Java applets are being used experimentally on this site to provide Greek texts to accompany the digital images of inscriptions already available. The Java applets run and display best in Netscape Navigator 3.0 and upwards. They should also, however, run in Navigator 2.0x for Windows NT and Windows 95 and in Internet Explorer 3.0. In the latter pages may occasionally need to be refreshed in order to display accurately.

The Java applets used on this site currently have the following limitations:

  1. Choosing reload while the applet is rendering on screen may cause rendering or redrawing problems.
  2. If a page containing a Java applet is saved as source for later viewing, the applet and any associated embedded pictures will not be saved locally.
  3. The find option in the browser will only work on text in the HTML file. The contents of the applet itself cannot be searched.
  4. The applet cannot be dragged and dropped from a Netscape window.
  5. The contents of the applet cannot, at the moment, be printed out.

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