The Epigraphy of the Greek Theatre: a Colloquium

Oxford, 7 - 8 July 2003 (dates to be confirmed)

In July 2003, Dr. Peter Wilson is planning a colloquium, to be held under the auspices of the Centre. The aim of the event will be to gather together those working on the subject for an exchange of news and ideas, with particular emphasis on new and neglected material and the light that new methods and questions may throw on the familiar. Although the focus will be epigraphic, Dr. Wilson is hoping to include presentations from those who are working on other kinds of documentary evidence related to the Greek theatre (painted or plastic iconography, for instance) - particularly if discussion of these could be considered alongside the nature and potential of epigraphic evidence. The chronological scope will stretch from 'Beginnings' to the Hellenistic period with no geographical limits.

A two-day programme, with up to nine speakers, is planned, with a participating audience of around twenty-five scholars and graduates. More details will be announced in the Spring CSAD Newsletter, as plans take firmer shape.

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