Epigraphy Summer School 2004

In 2004 a second International Epigraphy Summer School was organised by the Centre in partnership with the British Epigraphy Society. The School ran from 5th to 15th July and was based in the Classics Centre and the Ashmolean Museum. The academic programme was planned by the Summer School Directors John Bodel (Brown University) and Graham Oliver (CSAD/University of Liverpool) in collaboration with Charles Crowther (CSAD). Accommodation for participants was provided at Christ Church through the mediation of Dirk Obbink. Indispensable administrative support was provided throughout by Maggy Sasanow (CSAD).

28 students, from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, Russia, UK and USA, completed the programme. All students were invited to specialise in either Greek (16) or Latin (12) epigraphy. There was a wide range of abilities among the students, from those without epigraphical experience to some with extensive knowledge.

Participants in the Summer School

The programme made extensive use of the Epigraphical collection of the Ashmolean Museum. Students, working in pairs, were assigned epigraphical material for study purposes either in the basement store or the gallery. The Museum staff, and in particular Michael Vickers and Mark Norman, made possible extensive access to the collection. Students were expected to produce an initial epigraphical 'publication' of their material with description, lemma, transcription, apparatus criticus, translation (where relevant) and a brief commentary. At the end of the programme each student pair presented their findings to the Summer School participants in the Headley Lecture theatre in the Ashmolean Museum. The teaching programme was completed by a series of specialist workshops and evening public lectures.

Financial support for the Summer School was provided by the Classics Faculty and the CSAD, the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, and the British Epigraphy Society, enabling study bursaries to be offered to four students.

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