A British Academy Symposium

(15 - 18 July, 1998)

The year 1898 saw a newcomer on the papyrological scene: the first volume of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri began the publication of Grenfell and Hunt's remarkable finds at Bahnasa. To mark the centenary of the series the British Academy is sponsoring a symposium, to be held in Oxford and London on 15-18 July, 1998. Funding has been provided by the British Academy, the Craven Committee, the Board of Management of the Griffith Insitute and the Faculty Board of Literae Humaniores.

The organisers of the symposium are Drs. Alan Bowman, Revel Coles, Dirk Obbink and Prof. Peter Parsons. Papers will be given in Oxford and, on Friday, 17 July, in London. The presentations will deal with the city itself, the excavations and the different kinds of texts and subjects of study represented in the papyrus collection. These will be augmented by additional contributions to produce a comprehensive volume (to be published, we hope, by the Egypt Exploration Society) on Oxyrhynchus and its papyri.

There will be an exhibition of papyri in the Ashmolean Museum for the duration of the symposium. We are also still hoping (although it must be admitted that it is a slender hope) that it will be possible to arrange a staging of Tony Harrison's Trackers of Oxyrhynchus during the symposium.

The provisional list of speakers and topics is as follows (those marked with an asterisk will not be delivered orally, but will be included in the volume of the collected papers):

 Prof.R.S.Bagnall (Columbia)  Families and Social Structure
 Dr. A.K.Bowman (Oxford)  Oxyrhynchus and Roman History*
 Dr.Sarah Clackson (Cambridge)  Coptic Oxyrhynchus
 Dr.R.A.Coles (Oxford)  The Site and the Excavation
 Dr.Raffaella Cribiore (New York)  Schools of Oxyrhynchus
 Prof. E.J.Epp (Case Western Reserve)  The Biblical Texts
 Prof. D.Hagedorn (Heidelberg)  The city and its Government
 Prof.M.W.Haslam (Manchester)  Oxyrhynchus and the Textual Tradition
 Prof. A.Jones (Toronto)  Astrologers of Oxyrhynchus
 Prof.L.Koenen (Michigan)  Greeks and Egyptian Greeks
 Prof.L.Lehnus (Milan)  Grenfell and Hunt in Correspondence*
 Prof.H.G.T.Maehler (London)  Greek, Egyptian and Roman Law
 Dr. Alain Martin (Brussels)  The Papyruskartell
 Dr.D.Montserrat  Grenfell and Hunt's Excavations*
 Dr. D.Obbink (Oxford)  Readers and Intellectuals
 Prof. K.Parlasca (Erlangen)  Sculpture of Oxyrhynchus
 Prof. P.J.Parsons (Oxford)  Scribes of Oxyrhynchus
 Dr. J.L.Rowlandson (London)  The Town and its Hinterland
 Mr.M.L.Sharp (Oxford)  The Food Supply*
 Prof. W.J.Tait (London)  Petrie's Excavations
 Prof. J.D.Thomas (Durham)  Roman Citizens and Latin texts
 Dr.H.V.Whitehouse (Oxford)  Textiles and Designs

The registration fee for the symposium will be £20. It may also be possible to secure accommodation, depending on availability and demand, in Christ Church for all or part of the conference. The costs for this will be £65.00 per day (full board) or £40.00 per day (bed and breakfast), pro-rated.

If you wish to attend this symposium, would you please return the annexed booking form by mail to Dr. A.K.Bowman, Christ Church, Oxford OX1 1DP [email: alan.bowman@christ-church.ox.ac.uk, fax 01865 794199 (tutorial office)] as soon as possible, along with full payment of the conference fee and accommodation costs (if required).

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