CSAD Newsletter 9, Winter 2002

Images and Artefacts of the Ancient World

Royal Society and British Academy Discussion Meeting, 6-7 December 2000

The Centre's collaborative project with the Department of Engineering Science on Imaging Incised Documents provided the focus and initiative for a joint meeting of the Royal Society and British Academy organised by the Centre's Director, Dr Alan Bowman, and Prof. Mike Brady of the Department of Engineering Science on Artefacts and Images of the Ancient World on 6-7 December, 2000. The meeting, held in the British Academy, brought together leading researchers in Ancient History, Archaeology, Optics, Engineering and Computer Science and 3D Modelling and offered a stimulating environment for the exchange of ideas across disciplines. The vitality of the discussion at the meeting fully reflected the collaborative energy and enthusiasm generated by the Stilus Tablets project. The papers presented at the meeting are being edited by Prof. Brady and Dr Bowman for a joint publication of the British Academy and the Royal Society.

From Scribe to Scanner; Computers, Images and Ancient Documents

British Association Festival of Science, Glasgow, 3 September, 2001

Alan Bowman, Mike Brady and Charles Crowther, in a joint session with Dr. L. Keppie (Hunterian Museum) and Prof. A. Wallace (Heriot-Watt), presented a report on the Imaging Incised Documents project and advances in 3D Laser scanning to a special session, sponsored by the British Academy, of the British Association's Festival of Science meeting at Glasgow University on 3 September, 2001. The CSAD team's presentation focused both on the results already achieved by the stilus tablet project and on the potential for their application to other types of ancient document and more generally to medical imaging and engineering problems. Prof. Brady's discussion of the ways in which the analysis techniques developed for the project were proving of value in the analysis of mammogram images for the early detection of breast cancer attracted particular attention and was widely reported in the National Press. Prof. Wallace presented a survey of developments in 3D active imaging using projected laser light and discussed the potential for their application to the study of archaeological objects and incised documents. The session was followed by a tour of the Hunterian Museum and a reception organised by Dr. Keppie.

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