CSAD Newsletter 9, Winter 2002

David Lewis Lecture

The Sixth David Lewis Lecture was delivered by Prof. Angelos Chaniotis of the University of Heidelberg on 23 May, 2001 in the Garden Quad Auditorium, St. John's College. The title of Professor Chaniotis' lecture was "Christians, Jews and Pagans at Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity". During his stay in Oxford Prof. Chaniotis also presented a seminar to graduate students on a new Hellenistic decree from Aphrodisias.

The Lewis Lecturer for 2002 will be Mrs. Charlotte Roueché (King's College London). The intriguing title of her lecture is "Epigraphy and the New World Order".

Ancient Documents Old and New

Dr. J. Bennet organised a seminar series in Michaelmas 2000 on Aegean Scripts. The speakers were Lisa Bendall (Cambridge), "Text, Archaeology and Administration: the Northeast Building at Pylos"; Ilse Schoep (Leuven), "Understanding Linear A Administration"; John Killen (Cambridge), "Explicating Linear B: the Role of the Epigrapher"; Jan Driessen (Leuven), "The Unity of Archives at Knossos - a Reconsideration". Dr. Killen's seminar was particularly well attended.

Two further seminars were offered in Trinity Term, 2001. Professor P. Temin (MIT and Nuffield College) spoke on "the Supply of Labour in the Roman World" and Prof. R. Bagnall (Columbia University) discussed his continuing work on "the Nekrotaphoi Archive".

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