Current CSAD Projects

Building an Image Bank of Inscriptions

The Centre is undertaking a long-term project to create a library of digitised images of Greek inscriptions, based in the first instance on material in its squeeze collection. A catalogue of images and discussion of the scope and technical details of the project are described here.

Imaging Roman Stilus Tablets

The Centre is undertaking a joint project with the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University to develop a new computer-based image-enhancement technique for incised material. The scope and technical details of the project are described in this article.

Corpus of Writing Tablets from Roman Britain

Excavations of Romano-British sites have yielded substantial numbers of writing tablets - both wooden ink and stylus tablets, the second texts inscribed on thin sheets of metal, usually lead, commonly referred to as 'curse tablets'. A project based at the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents (CSAD) at Oxford University aims to publish a corpus of these lead and wooden tablets. It will compile and sometimes re-edit known texts as well as publish recent discoveries. A report on preliminary work on the Corpus is available in this article.

A New Edition of Post-403 B.C. Athenian Inscriptions

Over the last four years, steady progress has been made in preparing an international team of researchers to create a new corpus of Athenian inscriptions from after 403 B.C. In 1999 the AHRB awarded a substantial grant to Liverpool University and the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents to support the work of two Senior Research Fellows, Dr. Graham Oliver and Dr. Stephen lambert, on preparing fascicles of Athenian state decrees for the first phase of the Corpus. A description of the origin and development of the project is available here.

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