International Summer School in Greek and Latin Epigraphy,
5 - 15 July, 2004

A Second Summer School in Greek and Latin Epigraphy will be held at the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, University of Oxford, under the auspices of the British Epigraphy Society from 5th-15th July 2004.

The School will be directed by Dr G. J. Oliver, Professor J. Bodel, and Dr D. Obbink. Accommodation with full board in college rooms will be provided in Christ Church College at a heavily subsidised rate. The charge for the course, including accommodation with full board, is £400. Non-residential places are also available for which the course fee will be £100. The number of places on the course is strictly limited.

The Summer School will offer practical instruction in a seminar format to advanced undergraduates and graduate students in Greek and Latin Epigraphy. In addition to the practical seminars, students will attend key-note lectures given by leading scholars (Prof. M. Crawford, Dr J. Ma, Prof. S. Mitchell, and Mrs. C. Roueché), and specialist workshops led by experts (including alphabets, writing tablets, coins, instrumentum domesticum, architecture, information technology and onomastics). The course will offer students the opportunity to develop practical expertise in reading and editing epigraphic texts, and to increase their understanding of the importance of epigraphy for ancient historians.

Those interested in participating should contact Dr G. J. Oliver, ( as soon as possible. Applicants are asked to provide an outline of their current programme of study, educational background, linguistic proficiency in Greek, Latin and English, indicating their preference to specialise in Greek or Latin during the course. Applicants are also required to send two letters of recommendation (referees may wish to send these separately). The closing date for applications is 1st December 2003 (note new deadline), and the outcome of applications will be announced in January 2004. Address for correspondence: Epigraphy Summer School, Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, 67 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LU.

G. J. Oliver

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