International Summer School in Papyrology 1997

The dates for the summer school in papyrology to be held in Oxford under the auspices of the Association nternationale de Papyrologues (previously announced on this page and in ZPE 112 (1996) have now been set for 9 - 19 July, 1997.

The summer school will be jointly directed and taught by Dr. A.K. Bowman, Dr. R.A. Coles, Dr. D. Obbink, and Prof. P.J. Parsons, and will offer practical instruction in a seminar format drawing on the Oxyrhynchus collection.

Designed to introduce advanced undergraduates and graduate students to most aspects of papyrological research, the summer school will offer many opportunities to younger scholars, from meeting a number of working papyrologists to editing an unpublished papyrus from the Oxyrhynchus collection. The Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents will serve as a workplace. Students will be housed in college rooms with board. Seminar sessions will be devoted to each of the following areas:

  1. Topography of Egypt and history of the finds .
  2. Documentary papyrology, private and administrative.
  3. Literary papyrology, prose and poetry.
  4. Theological texts.
  5. Subliterary texts.
  6. Writing on other materials, such as tablets and ostraka.
  7. Technique (restoration, conservation, dating).
  8. Instrumenta, including computer resources.
  9. Editorial workshops.

The number of students will be limited to twenty. Participants will be charged a registration fee, plus 350 British pounds for lodging and full board. It is hoped that successful applicants will be able to apply to their home institutions to obtain grants to cover this cost.

Those whose interests touch on some area of papyrology and who wish to apply to take part in the summer school should send a letter of interest, specifying

  1. Current programme of study
  2. Educational background
  3. Linguistic proficiency in Greek, Latin and English

together with one or two letters of reference, by 31 January, 1997, to Dr. D. Obbink, Christ Church, Oxford OX1 1DP, UK , from whom further details about participation and fees may also be obtained (fax: +44 1865 794199; email:

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