Script, Image and the Culture of Writing in the Ancient World

Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing

3 Building on LSAG

Digital publication presents us with possibilities which were not available to Jeffery when LSAG first rolled off the printing press in 1961. We intend to exploit these by creating a range of new analytical and illustrative tools to complement and enhance the use of the book.

The LSAG concordance

LSAG refers to many more publications than could be included in any printed concordance of manageable size. We are compiling an electronic concordance which will permit searches for inscriptions by numerous criteria, such as author, publication, inscription number, inscription type, date, local script and find-spot.

Letter forms

Jeffery's analysis of letter forms in LSAG is detailed, complex and fundamental to her work. We hope to facilitate the navigation of this key feature by linking letter forms to individual texts and other analytical or illustrative tools in the electronic resource, especially the concordance and map-making facility. Users will then be able to sort the distribution of letter forms by, for example, material inscribed or date and plot the results geographically.

Texts and Translations

LSAG includes transliterations only for those inscriptions illustrated in the plates, amounting to a fraction of the whole, and no translations. We will make available texts and translations for all the inscriptions catalogued in the book. We will enter these into an XML text database, following the guidelines being established by the International EpiDoc Project.

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