Script, Image and the Culture of Writing in the Ancient World

Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing

5. Other Material in the Archive

Of the portion of the archive not directly related to LSAG, almost all of the folders concern epigraphically related lectures, papers or topics. Among these are five folders on non-Greek scripts of Asia Minor.

The photographs are more diverse and reflect the wide range of Jeffery's other activities. Many of these are of more than biographical interest. Photographs of landscapes and townscapes record scenes which have changed markedly since Jeffery captured them with her camera between the late 1940s and early 1960s. A related, though smaller group of photographs may be described as ethnographic in subject. On a different theme, about forty photographs in the collection concern British excavations at Bayrakli (Old Smyrna), where Jeffery supervised the excavation of the Bronze Age levels of "Trench B" during the 1949 season. Most of the remaining photographs are personal in nature, documenting Jeffery's academic career from Cambridge to Oxford via Princeton.

Emborio, Chios, taken from near the site of the British School dig house.

Parga, Western Greece.

Threshing in Magnesia using animal traction

Cattle Lifting on the coast of the Ionian Sea

Anne Jeffery in the lowest levels of "Trench B" at Bayrakli in 1949

Anne Jeffery (centre) "returned from Delphi, 1949"

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