Script, Image and the Culture of Writing in the Ancient World

Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing

4.5 Putting Papers and Photographs Together

Siphnos 40 (LSAG p. 305; IG XII 5, 483)

Rock-cut inscription by a cave dedicated to the Nymphs at Korakies, Siphnos, c. 500(?)

LHJ's photograph of Siphnos 40, with the inscription traced over; the sandals belong to LHJ's brother

LHJ's tracing of Siphnos 40 for the plates in LSAG

LHJ's transcription of Siphnos 40, written below a transcription of an unpublished Classical/early Hellenistic Siphnian honorific decree

LHJ's notes on Siphnos 40

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