Script, Image and the Culture of Writing in the Ancient World

Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing

5. Work in Progress

The initial task now underway is to sort and catalogue the material in the archive. Items not related to LSAG or Anne Jeffery's archaeological work will be sifted out at this stage and stored separately. We would welcome enquiries from anyone who would like to make use of this material.

Few pages of notes or photographs in the archive are labelled with LSAG references and the creation of an LSAG concordance database is an essential step in the sorting process. We anticipate that epigraphists studying Archaic Greek inscriptions will find this concordance a useful reference tool.

Digitisation of the paper and photographic archive will begin shortly. This process will serve primarily as a prelude to publishing the archive on the Internet but secondarily as a means of preservation. Signs of deterioration and decay are already evident amongst some of the negatives, and may be seen in the marred appearance of some of the images above (see, for example, the train of camels near Troy and another view of the Naxian marble base from Delos).

Over the course of the project we will also be entering texts and translations of the inscriptions in LSAG into an XML text database, following the guidelines currently being drawn up by the International Epidoc Programme. The text database will include translations of all the inscriptions.

Feedback on any aspect of the Anne Jeffery Archive project is very welcome. We can be reached by phone or e-mail as follows:


Charles Crowther
Project Manager
Tel. 01865 288180


Peter Haarer
Research Assistant
01865 288100

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