Laconia Survey Inscription No. 1

Votive stele from Phagiá

Votive stele from the hilltop cult site at Phagia (site U3002). LS ii. 214, no. 1 and pl. 18 a (reprinted in SEG 47. 350)
Limestone, 0.42 x 0.34 x 0.11.
Late 6th cent. BC?
Images: two unpublished photographs (B85.ii.34; GS b/w 2).

Digitised photograph of inscription no. 1

Digitised photograph of inscription no. 1 (close-up)

Scanned image of squeeze of inscription no. 1

Greek Text


". . . d]edic[ated this to . . ."

The stone, and the cult site, add another to the circle of hilltop sanctuaries surrounding Sparta, all visible from Sparta and from one another. This is the only Laconia Survey inscription from the east of the survey area that can be regarded as in situ. The only earlier examples are also archaic: LS ii. 220, nos 15 a (Archaic inscribed relief from Pikromygdalia near Chrysapha; IG v. 1. 371; SEG 2. 165) and 16 a (terracotta plaque from same spot; IG v. 1. 372; SEG 2. 166).

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