Laconia Survey Inscription No. 2

Grave-stele of Hybrion from Palaiogoulás

Grave-stele of Hybrion from cemetery site on the slopes of Palaiogoulás (site A120), probably ancient Sellasia. LS ii. 214, no. 2 and pl. 18 b. (reprinted in SEG 47. 352)
Schist, 0.46-0.50 x 0.92 x 0.04-0.06.
Late 5th cent. or 4th cent. BC.
Images: LS ii, pl. 18 b + unpublished photograph of whole stone (film 8.9).

Digitised photograph of inscription no. 2 (close-up)

Digitised photograph of inscription no. 2

Greek Text



Hybrion is an unattested name. The Spartan custom was that only soldiers killed in battle, and women dying in childbirth, were named on gravestones, so this man could be a casualty of warfare, perhaps one of the known campaigns in the area of Sellasia.

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