Laconia Survey Inscription No. 9

Fragment of career inscription (?)

Fragment of career inscription (?), built into chapel of Agios Georgios near Aphisiou (site J369). LS ii. 217-18, no. 9 and pl. 19 c. (reprinted in SEG 47. 358)
Marble, c.0.20 x 0.12; depth unknown.
Second half of 1st cent. BC?
Images: LS ii, pl. 19 c + colour photograph of Graham Shipley with the squeeze in place (R. Leenheer) + colour slide of the squeeze in position (R. Leenheer).

Digitised photograph of inscription no. 9

Digitised slide of inscription no. 9:
Graham Shipley making a paper squeeze of the inscription

Digitised slide of inscription no. 9:
Paper squeeze drying on stone

Scanned image of squeeze of inscription no. 9

Greek Text


"Lachar]es (son of) Heraklei[das, having held the super]intendency [in the year of . . . Colleagues: . . .]"

For the office of epimelete, cf. IG v. 1. 133-5. For Lachares son of Herakleidas, see SEG 28. 410 (cf. Spawforth, BSA 73 (1978), 257), referring to a partly preserved attestation in IG v. 1. 94 and another in an unpublished Spartan decree of the 1st cent. BC.

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