Laconia Survey Inscription No. 11

Votive stele to Antoninus Pius

Votive stele to Antoninus Pius, found in the bed of the river Kelephina (site j68). LS ii. 218, no. 11 and pl. 20 a. (reprinted in SEG 47. 360)
Marble, 0.20 x 0.36 x 0.08.
AD 138-61.
Image: LS ii, pl. 20 a (monochrome print from colour transparency reproduced below).

Digitised slide of inscription no. 11

Greek Text


"To [Ze]us Eleu[th]erios Antoneino[s] Saviour".

For numerous Spartan expressions of gratitude to Antoninus Pius (on stones of very varied forms), see e.g. IG v. 1. 407-45; SEG 36. 359; LS ii. 221-2, no. 16. IG v. 1. 419 is perhaps most similar.

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