Laconia Survey Inscription No. 12

Metrical grave-epigram of Lykos

Metrical grave-epigram of Lykos, built into interior wall at monastery of Agioi Saranda (site L534). LS ii. 219, no. 12 and pl. 20 b. (reprinted in SEG 47. 370)
Marble, c.0.22 x 0.21 x more than 0.03.
2nd or 3rd cent. AD.
Image: LS ii, pl. 20 b.

Digitised photograph of inscription no. 12

Scanned image of squeeze of inscription no. 12

Greek Text


"Here Lykos lies with Pratousa, (his) bedf[e]llow. Three decades."

For synomeunos in funerary epigrams, see e.g. Anth. Gr. appendix: Carm. sep. 620, 644, 724, and in the dative nos 228, 339; IG xiv. 684; Inscr. Gr. Urbis Romae iii. 1352 (close to Anth. Gr. app. 228), 1358. Does 'three decades' perhaps refer to the length of their marriage?

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