Laconia Survey Inscription No. 18

New tile-stamp of the 'Synod in the Aliteion'

New tile-stamp of the 'Synod in the (h)Aliteion', found near Aphisiou (site n318, a dump). LS ii. 223 no. 18 and pl. 21 b. (reprinted in SEG 47. 372 bis)
Fragment of curved roof-tile, 0.18 x 0.18 x 0.019-0.222 thick; stamped panel 0.091 x 0.033 x 0.002 deep.
Approx. 3rd cent. BC.
Image: LS ii, pl. 21 b or possibly a close-up taken at same time [GS to check].

Digitised slide of inscription no. 18

Greek Text


"Of the synod in the Aliteion (or Haliteion)."

For synodos cf. A. J. B. Wace, 'The stamped tiles', BSA 13 (1906-7), 17-43, at p. 41, no. 50 with fig. 7 d; 51, fig. 7 e. For (h)Aliteion cf. ibid. 42-3, no. 63 (IG v. 1. 884), where Wace reads 'Alpeion' on the basis of Paus. iii. 18. 2 (Alpion). Both Wace and Pausanias, however, should be emended so as to refer to the Alit(e)ion or Halit(e)ion.

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