Laconia Survey Inscription No. 19

Tile-stamp of the lodging-house of the Romans

Tile-stamp of the lodging-house of the Romans, found near Aphisiou (site M342, where no. 17 was also found). LS ii 223-4, no. 19 (not illustrated); (reprinted in SEG 47. 373)
Fragment of roof-tile, 0.15 x 0.11 x 0.02.
Hellenistic (post-146 BC? cf. Cartledge and Spawforth 94).
Image: unpublished photograph (. . .).

Digitised photograph of inscription no. 19

Greek Text


"[L]od[ging house of the Ro]mans and [jurors]."

Cf. a drawing of the same stamp in Wace, BSA 13 (1906-7), 39-40, no. 46 (IG v. 1. 869), with fig. 7 b. For the 'Roman katalyma' cf. IG v. 1. 7 and p. 301.

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