Laconia Survey Inscriptions: Catalogue

Inscription 1

Votive stele from Phagia

Inscription 2

Grave-stele of Hybrion from Palaigoulas

Inscription 4

Letter from Hellenistic or Roman ruler (?)

Inscription 6

Imperial subscript to the Spartans

Inscription 7

Subscript of imperial official (?)

Inscription 8

Fragment of public inscription

Inscription 9

Fragment of career inscription


Fragment of public inscription

Inscription 11

Votive stele to Antoninus Pius

Inscription 12

Metrical grave-epigram of Lykos

Inscription 13

Gravestone of Damatrios

Inscription 14

Semi-literate boundary marker?

Inscription 18

New tile-stamp of the 'Synod in the Aliteion'

Inscription 19

Tile-stamp of the lodging-house of the Romans

Inscription 20

New tile-stamp of KAL-

Inscription 21

Stamped brick originally from the theatre, Sparta

Inscription 22

Fragments of vase dedicated to Zeus Messapeus, from Tsakona

Inscription 23

Fragment of votive vase, from J215

Inscription 24

Bowl inscribed with a letter

Inscription 31

Construction of north range, AD 1697

Inscription 37

Construction of east range, AD 1794

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