Updating your browser


It's possible you are accessing these pages via a text-only browser such as Lynx — in which case, sorry. Images are central to the purpose of this site. We hope you enjoy our text resources.

Other than that, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have problems with frames, which have been supported by the mainstream browsers since the Age of Heroes (Netscape 2.0). If you do have trouble, get a public-domain version of Netscape or Explorer from practically any magazine cover disk, or:

NB: this is just personal, but I’ve had very bad experiences installing Explorer 4 and get the feeling I’m not alone in this. Currently my lovely home PC is away having its entire brain reconstructed thanks to IE4. Death to the Evil Empire! And caveat emptor, not that anyone pays for it to begin with.


Stylesheets are a more recent addition to html, introduced by Explorer 3. Current versions of Netscape also support them. If you’re not getting pretty colours, your browser may well not be au fait: you’re not missing anything vital, but you might want to upgrade anyway. I see a lot of grey in your future otherwise.

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