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The Cambridge Oxyrhynchus Seminar

As part of the celebrations to mark the centenary of the publication of the first volume of Oxyrhynchus Papyri, a seminar series was held in The Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge, during Easter Term 1998. The purpose of the series was to display the range of texts which have survived on papyrus, primarily (though not exclusively) from Oxyrhynchus, and the uses — historical, linguistic, literary and philosophical — to which those texts may be put.

Apr 21Paul CartledgeSwine f(or)ever? The Boeotian superstate, 395 BCE (Hell. Ox. 16[11])
Apr 28Geoff Horrockslambanei mou ta grammata: case, word order and clitic pronouns in the papyri and beyond
May 5 David SedleySome philosophical anecdotes
May 12Teresa Morgan The fables of Babrius
May 19 Colin Austin Cratinus and others
Jun 2Richard Hunter The aetiology of Callimachus’ Aitia
Jun 9Dominic RathboneA case-study in reconstruction: the archive and family of Lucius Pompeius Niger

The organisers of the Seminar were
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