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1351Leviticus xxvii (vellum; pl.1)C4
1352Psalms lxxxii, lxxxiii (vellum)early C4
1353First Epistle of Peter v (vellum)C4
1354Epistle to the Romans iC6/C7
1355Epistle to the Romans viii (pl.1)C3
1357Calendar of Church Services (pl.1)535-6
1358Hesiod, Catalogue iii (pl.2)C3
1359Hesiod, Catalogue (pl.3)early C3
1360Alcaeuslate C2
1361Bacchylides, Scolia (pl.3)C1
1362Callimachus, Aetia (pl.4 )C1
1363Callimachus, Iamboi (pl.6)C2/early C3
1364Antiphon Sophistes, Peri Aletheias i (pl.5)early C3
1365History of Sicyon (pl.6)C3
1366Fragment of an Attic Oratorlate C3
1367Heraclides Lembus, Epitome of Hermippus, Peri Nomothetonlate C2
1369Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannus (pl.7)C5
1370Euripides, Medea and Orestes (pl.7)C5
1371Aristophanes, Clouds with scholia (pl.7)C5
1372Aristophanes, FrogsC5
1373Aristophanes, Peace and KnightsC5
1374Aristophanes, WaspsC5
1375Herodotus viiearly C2
1376Thucydides vii (pl.3)late C2/early C3
1377Demosthenes, De Coronalate C1 BC
1378Demosthenes, Contra MidiamC3
1379Livy i (pl.6)late C3
1380Invocation of Isisearly C2
1381Praise of Imouthes-AsclepiusC2
1382Tale of Sarapis and SyrionC2
1383Sailor's Songlate C3
1384Medical Recipes; Theological ExtractsC5
*1385Homer, Iliad iiC5
*1386Homer, Iliad ivC3
*1387Homer, Iliad vC2
*1388Homer, Iliad viC1 BC
*1389Homer, Iliad vii (vellum)late C4
*1390Homer, Iliad ixC5
1391Homer, Iliad xiC5
*1392Homer, Iliad xvC3
*1393Homer, Iliad xvi (vellum)C5
*1394Homer, Odyssey iC5
*1395Homer, Odyssey vi (vellum)C4
*1396Homer, Odyssey ixC5
1397Homer, Odyssey xviii with scholiaC5
*1398Homer, Odyssey xxiC3
1399Title of Choerilus' Epic (pl.2)late C2/C3
1400Fragment of a ComedyC2/early C3
1401Fragments of a TragedyC5
1402Aristophanes (?) with scholiaC5
1403Aristophanes (?)C5
1404Latin FableC3
1405Rescript of Severus: Application to a StrategusC3
1406Edict of Caracalla concerning Senators (pl.1)213-17
1407Imperial Rescriptslate C3
1408Report of a Trial: Circular and Edict of a Praefectabout 21O-l4
1409Circulars of a Strategus and Dioecetes278
1410Edict of a Catholicusearly C4
1411Proclamation of a Strategus260
1412Notice of a Special Meeting of the Senateabout 284
1413-4Reports of Proceedings of the Senate270-5
1415Report of Proceedings of the Senatelate C3
1416Memoranda of Proceedings of the Senateabout 299
1417Report of a Trial concerning the Senateearly C4
1418Application to the Senate247
1419Order from a Prytanis to a Tax-collector265
1420Report of a Trialabout I28
1421Order from a Strategus to ComarchsC3
1422Letter of a Strategusabout 128
1423Authorization for the Arrest of a SlaveC4
1424Letter of a Centurio Princepsabout 318
1425Appointment of a Workman at Pelusium318
1426Appointment of a Workman on Trajan's River332
1427Order to Workmen on Delta EmbankmentsC3
1428Letter of a Praeses (?) to an ExactorC4
1429Letter of a Lessee of the Alum-monopoly300
1430Payment for Maintenance of a Public Bath324
1431Preparations for an Official Visit352
1432Report of a Tax-farmer to a Strategus214
1433Two Reports of Tax-collectors to a Strategus238
1434Report of a Comogrammateus concerning Remissions107
1435Taxation-return concerning Pastophori147
1436Account of Village-taxes153-6
1437Account of Hieratic Taxesabout 208
1438List of Arrears of Taxationlate C2
1441Receipt for Crown-tax197-200
1442Receipt for Taxes of One Drachma and Two Drachmae252
1443Report of Sitologi to a Strategus227(?)
1444Report of a Decemprimus to a Strategus248-9
1445Report on Unproductive LandC2
*1446List of Cultivators of State Lands161-2l0
1447Receipt for Corn-dues44
1448List of Arrears of Clothingabout 318
1449Return of Temple Property213-17
1450Estimate of Repairing a Public Building249-50
1451Epicrisis of Roman Citizens and Slaves175
1452Two Epicrisis-returns127-8
1453Declaration of Temple Lamplighters (pl.2)30-29BC
1454Declaration of Municipal Bakers116
1455Declaration of an Oil-seller275
1456Declaration concerning Appearance in Court284-6
1457Registration of Asses4-3BC
1458Registration of Sheep and Goats216-17
1459Return of Unwatered Land226
1460Revision of Lists of Land-owners219-20
1461Registration of a Shop222
1462Two Notifications of Cessions83-4
1463Application for Examination of a Slave215
1464Declaration of Pagan Sacrifice250
1465Petition concerning TheftC1 BC
1466Bilingual Request for a Guardian (pl.1)245
1467Petition for Ius Trium Liberorum263
1468Petition concerning Ownership of Slavesabout 258
1469Petition of Village-representatives298
1470Petition concerning Ownership of Land336
1471Contract of Loan (sunkhoresis)81
1472Application concerning Deposits136
1473Application concerning a Remarriage201
1474Application concerning a Loan216
1475Application concerning a Sale of Land267
1476Horoscope of Sarapammon260
1477Questions to an Oraclelate C3/C4
1478Gnostic Charm for Victorylate C3/C4
1479Letter to Thracidas from Alexandrialate C1 BC
1480Letter of Hermogenes to a Prophet32
1481Letter of a Soldier to his Motherearly C2
1482Letter of Morus to a FriendC2
1483Letter of Reprimand to a Subordinatelate C2/C3
1484-7Invitations to Feasts (1487 pl.1)C2/C4
1488Letter of Sarapammon to his SisterC2
1489Letter of Sattos to his Sisterlate C3
1490Letter of Heraclides to an Officiallate C3
1491Letter of Alypius to his Brotherearly C4
1492-3Christian Letterslate C3/C4
1494Christian Letterearly C4
1495Christian LetterC4
1496List of Payments by Officials274/280
1497Account against an Ex-gymnasiarchabout 279
1498List of Officialslate C3
1499Order from a Prytanis to a Banker309
1500Order to a Banker229
1501Return of a Loan from the Senatelate C3
1502Report of a Trial: Extract from a Lease of Landabout 260-1
1503Report of a Trial before a Praefect288-9
1504Report of a Trial before a Praefectlate C3
1505Order to an IrenarchC4
1506Order from a Praepositus to an Irenarchearly C4
1507Order from Irenarchs to Village-officialsC3
1508Report concerning a VeteranC2
1509Appointment of a Huperetesearly C4
1510Receipt of Salary of a ScribeC2/early C3
1511List of Officers (Latin)before 247
1512List of dekaniaiC4
1513Account of Military SuppliesC4
1514Official Order for Payment274/280
1515Account of Taxationlate C3
1516Account of Poll-tax and Pig-taxlate C2/C3
1517Account of Taxation272/278
1518Account of Trade-tax and Pig-taxC2
1519Account of Arrears of Taxation247-8/257-8
1520Receipt for Poll-tax and Pig-tax102
1521Receipt for Poll-tax113
1522Receipt for Crown-tax: Account of Corn220-2
1523Receipt for Tax on Purchase of SlavesC3
1524Tax-receiptearly C4
1525Report of Sitologi to a Strategus216
1526Report of Sitologi to a Strategus222-3
1527Account of Produce in Arrear261-2
1528List of Payments of Corn by Villages266-7
1529List of Payments of Corn by VillagesC3
1530List of Payments of Corn215-6
1531List of Payments of Cornbefore 258
1532List of Payments of Cornlate C3
1533List of Land-holderslate C2/C3
1534List of Land-holdersearly C3
1535List of Land-holders: Receipt for Burial-expensesC3
1536List of Land-holdersC2
1537List of Land-holderslate C2/C3
1538List of House-ownersearly C3
1539Two Certificates of Payments of Corn179-80
1540Two Certificates of Payments of Corn187-8
1541Receipt for Corn-dues192
1542Counter-receipt for Corn-dues307
1543Receipt for Military Suppliesabout 299
1544Receipt for Corn284-304
1545List of Villages supplying MeatC4
1546Account of Work on Embankmentslate C3
1549Two Returns of Unwatered Land240
1550Notice of Death156
1551Notice of Death304
1552Registration of Birth214-5
1553Declaration of a Ship-owner(?)214
1554Declaration of Surety for a Ship-owner251
1555Two Declarations of Surety260-1
1556Petition concerning Assault247
1557Petition concerning Robbery255
1658Petition to a Praefect267
1559Petition to a Chief of Police341
156OApplication to an Archidicastes209
1561Application to an Archidicastes269
1562Ekmarturesis of a Contract of Settlement276-82
1564Horoscope of Pichime283
1566Gnostic InvocationC4
1567Order concerning the Finding of an AnimalC4
1568Order to a Poultry-dealer265
1569Order for Payment to a BuilderC3
1570Order for Payment to Tax-collectors250-280
1571Order for Payment to a Decemprimus297
1572Order for Payment to a Baker299
1573Three Orders for Paymentlate C3
1574Order for Payment of Wine324
1575 Order for Payment of Barley339?
1576Order for Tasting WineC3
1577Demand of a Steward for PaymentC3
*1578Three Demands of a Steward for PaymentC3
1579-80Invitations to Marriage-feastsC3
1581Letter of ApiaC2
1582Letter of AbascantusC2
1583Letter of DiogenesC2
1584Letter of TheonC2
1585Letter of Severuslate C2/C3
1586Letter of Harpocrationearly C3
1587Letter of Ammoniuslate C3
1588Letter of Dorotheusearly C4
1589Letter from Alexandria(?)early C4
1590Letter of DemetrianusC4
1591Letter of DemetriusC4
1592Christian Letterlate C3/C4
1593Letter to IschyrionC4
1594New Recension of Tobit xii (vellum; pl.1)late C3
1595Ecclesiasticus iC6
1596St. John viC4
1597Acts xxvi (pl.1)late C3/C4
15981 Thessalonians iv-2 Thess. ilate C3/C4
1599Hermas, Shepherd, Sim. viiiC4
l600Treatise on the PassionC5
1601Homily on Spiritual Warfarelate C4/C5
1602Homily to Monks (vellum)late C4/C5
1603Homily concerning WomenC5/C6
1604Pindar, Dithyrambs (pl.1)late C2
1605Menander, MisoumenosC3
1606Lysias, pros Hippothersen, Against Theomnestus, etc. (pl.2)late C2/C3
1607Hyperides (?), For Lycophron (pl.3)late C2/C3
1608Aeschines Socraticus, Alcibiades (pl.3)late C2
1609Philosophical Work: Metrological FragmentC2
1610Ephorus xii or xi (pl.3)late C2/C3
1611Work on Literary Criticismearly C3
1612Oration on the Cult of CaesarC3
1613List of Early Athenian ArchonsC2
1614Pindar, Ol. i, ii, vi, viiC5/C6
1615Sophoclcs Ajax (pl.4)C4
1616Euripides, Orestes (vellum)C5
1617Aristophanes, PlutusC5
1618Theocritus, 1a. V, vii, xv (pl.4)C5
1619Herodotus iii (pl.5)late C1/C2
1620Thucydides i (pl.6)late C2/C3
1621Thucydides ii (vellum; pl.5)C4
1622Thucydides ii (pl.4)early C2
1623Thucydides iii (vellum)C5/C6
1624Plato, Protagoras (pl.6)C3
1625Aeschines, In CtesiphontemC2
1626Payment for Superintendence of Transport325
1627Appointment to a Liturgy342
1628Lease of Catoecic Land (pl.1)BC73
1629Lease of Catoecic Land (pl.1)BC44
1630Lease of Land at an increased Rent222?
1631Contract for Labour in a Vineyard and Lease of a Fruit-garden280
1632Lease of a Palm-grove353
1633Bid for Purchase of Land from the State275
1634Sale of Mortgaged House-property222
1635Cession of Catoecic Land (pl.2)BC44-37
1636Cession of Land249
1637Division of Landed Property257-9
1638Division of an Inheritance282
1639Payment in Advance for Wheat (pl.3)BC 73 or 44?
1640Loan of Wheat252
1641Loan With Right of Habitation68
1642Appointment of a Representative and Instructions289
1643Appointment of a Representative298
1644Settlement of Claims (pl.2)BC63-2
1645Receipt for Personal Effects308
1646Receipts for Rent268-9
1647Apprenticeship to a Weaverlate C2
1648Abstracts of Contracts, etclate C2
1649Abstracts of Contractsafter 280
1650 (a)Accounts of Freight to Memphislate C1/C2
1651Account of FreightC3
1652Accounts of Transport3
1653Account of a Steward306
1654Account of Notarial Expensesabout 150
1656Baker's AccountC3
1656Account of Foodlate C4/C5
1657List of Utensilslate C3
1658List of ArticlesC4
1659Account of Crown-tax218-21
1660Account of Taxes in KindC4
1661Letter to a Dioecetes74
1662Appointment of a Deputy-prytanis246
1663Letter of RecommendationC2/C3
1664Letter to a GvmnasiarchC3
1665Letter of a GymnasiarchC3
1666Letter of Pausanias concerning a RecruitC3
1667Letter of Dorion to ApionC3
1668Letter of Charmus to SopatrusC3
1669Letter of Horion to SerenusC3
1670Letter of Palex to ChinthonisC3
1671Letter of Dionysius to ZoilusC3
1672Letter to Pausanias from his two Sons37-41
1673Letter of Hermes to SarapiacusC2
1674Letter of Theon to his Son ApollolliusC3
1675Letter to IschyrionC3
1676Letter of Flavius Herculanus to AplonarionC3
1677Letter of Agathus to AphroditeC3
1678Letter of Theon to his MotherC3
1679Letter of Apia to SerapiasC3
1680Letter to Apollo from his Sonlate C3/C4
1681Letter of Ammonius to Julius and HilarusC3
1682Letter of Heraclides to AntiochiaC4
1683Letter of Probus to Manatinelate C4
1684Letter of Horion to Timotheuslate C4
1685Lease of Land158
1686Lease of Land165
1687Lease of Land184
1688Lease of LandC3
1689Lease of Land266
*1690Lease of Land287
1691Lease of Land291
1692Contract for Labour in a Vineyard188
1693Lease of a Courtyardlate C3
1694Lease of House-property280
1695Lease of House-property360
1696Sale of a Courtyard 197
1697Sale of a Courtyard242
1698Sale of House-property268?
1699Sale of House-property240-280
1700Sale of land and House-propertylate C3
1701Sale of Mortgaged House-propertyC3
1702Sale of Building-land290
1703Cession of House-propertyC3
1704Cession of Buildings and Land298
1705Sale of a Loom298
1706Sale of Slaves207
1707Sale of an Ass204
1708Sale of an Ass311
1709Fragment of a Sale224
*1710Loan of Money148
1711Loan of Moneylate C3
1712Loan of Money394
1713Deposit of Money279
1714Deposit of Money285-304?
1715Repayment of a Loan292
1716Repayment of a Loan333
1717Receipt for Wages of Nursing258
1718Receipts for Official Payments292-304
1719Receipt for Rent204
1720Payment in Advance(?) for WineC4
1721Contract concerning an Inheritance187
1722Contract with a Princepslate C3/C4
1723Protocol of a ContractBC114-108
1724Abstracts of Contractsearly C3
1725Abstracts of Contractsafter 229
1726Account of Contractsearly C3
1727Shopkeeper's(?) Accountlate C2/C3
1728Account of Receipts and ExpensesC3
1729-30Accounts of ExpensesC4
1731Baker's AccountC3
1732Farming Accountlate C2
1733Farming Accountlate C3
1734Account of Provenderlate C2/C3
1735Account of a VintageC4
1736Account of Oil(?)C3
1737Weaver's AccountC2/C3
1738Account of TimberC3
1739Account of ColoursC2/early C3
1740Account of Implements, etclate C3/C4
1741List of Clothesearly C4
1742List of ArticlesC4
1743Land-survey list221-2
1744Land-survey list287-8?
1745List of Land-holdersearly C3
1746Account of Seed-cornC4
1747List of Persons Requisitionedlate C3/C4
1748Account of Donkey-driversC3
1749Account of TransportC4
1750Receipt for Transport-charges306
1751Order for Payment of Wine347
1752Order for Payment of Wine378
1753Order for Payment of Money390
1754Order for Payment of Pitchlate C4/C5
1755Invitation to DinnerC2/early C3
1756Letter of Sarapion to his FatherC1
1757Letter of Horeis to HorionC2
1758Letter of Diogenis to DidymasC2
1759Letter of Demetrius to an AthleteC2
1760Business LetterC2
1761Letter of Callirhoe to Sarapiaslate C2/C3
1762Letter of Chaereas to his FatherC2/C3
1763Letter of Sopatrus to his Sisterafter 222
1764Letter to PindarusC3
1765Letter of Kousenna to ApammonC3
1766Letter to HorionC3
1767Letter to HermioneC3
1768Letter of Heraclius to his ChildrenC3
1769Letter of Ammonas to his SisterC3
1770Letter of a Son to his Motherlate C3
1771Letter of Serenus to a Tenantlate C3/C4
1772Letter of Dionysius to Sarapionlate C3
1773 Letter of Eutycheis to AmetrionC3
1774Christian Letterearly C4
1775Letter of Plutarchus to TheoninusC4
1776Letter of Paulus to Demetriuslate C4
1777Letter of Choous to Tyrannuslate C4
1778Aristides, Apology (pl.1)C4
1779Psalm iC4
1780St. John's Gospel viiiC4
1781St. John's Gospel xviC3
1782Didache i-iiilate C4
1783Hermas, Pastor, Mand. ixearly C4
1784Constantinopolitan CreedC5
1786Christian Hymn with Musical Notation (pl.1)late C3
1787Sappho, Book 4 (pl.2)C3
1788Alcaeus? (pl.2)late C2
1789Alcaeus (pl.3)C1
1790Ibycus (pl.3)C1 BC
1791Pindar, Paean (pl.3)C1
1792Pindar, Paean?C2
1793Callimachus, Sosibi Victorialate C1
1794Poem in Hexameterslate C2
1795Acrostic EpigramsC1
1796Hexameter Poem on Egyptian BotanyC2
1797Antiphon Sophistes, Peri Aletheias i?early C3
1798Anonymous work on Alexander the Greatlate C2
1799Oratorical FragmentC2
1800Miscellaneous Biographieslate C2/early C3
1802Glossarylate C2/early C3
1804Lexeis RhetorikaiC3
1805Sophocles, Trachiniailate C2
1806Theocritus, Idyll xxii (pl.4)late C1
1807Aratus, DiosemeiaC2
1808Plato, Republic viii (pl.4)late C2
1809Plato, Phaedoearly C2
1810Demosthenes, Olynth. i-iii, Phil. i, De Pace (pl.4)early C2
1811Demosthenes, C. TimocratemC3
1812Isocrates, Ad DemonicumC5/C6
1813Codex Theodosianus vii (pl.1)early C6
1814Index to Codex Iustinianus, First Edition (pl.5)529-535
1815Homer, Iliad 1C3
1816Homer, Iliad 15C3
1817Homer, Iliad 17, 18C6
1818Homer, Iliad 22, 23C5/C6
1819Homer, Odyssey 10-12C2
1820Homer, Odyssey 18C6/C7
1821Hexameters or ElegiacsC3
1822Hexameter Poem on AstronomyC2
1823Fragment of a TragedyC1 BC
1824Fragment of a ComedyC3
1825Fragment of a ComedyC5
1826Romance?late C3/C4
1827Oratorical FragmentC3
1828Ethical TreatiseC3
1829Letters to Flavius Strategius and his Wife577-9?
1830Letter concerning the Rise of the NileC6
1831Complaint of a meizonlate C5
1832Letter concerning a TheftC5/C6
1833Letter to a Notarylate C5
1834Letter to a Notarylate C5/early C6
1835Letter to a Dioeceteslate C5/early C6
1836Letter to an epeiktesC5/C6
1837Letter concerning an Abductionearly C6
1838Letter to a StewardC6
1839Letter to a StewardC6
1840Letter concerning Collection of DuesC6
1841Letter to two ComitesC6
1842Letter to an OfficialC6
1843Letter concerning Tax-PaymentsC6/C7
1844-8Letters from Victor to GeorgeC6/C7
1849-52Letters from Victor to TheodoreC6/C7
1853-5Letters from Victor to GeorgeC6/C7
1856Letter from Christopher to GeorgeC6/C7
1857-8Letters from Menas to TheodoreC6/C7
1859Letter from Menas to a Landlord's AgentC6/C7
1860Letter from Menas to GeorgeC6/C7
1861Letter from Nilus to SarmateC6/C7
1862-3Letters from Rheme to MarinusC7
1864Letter to MarinusC7
1865Letter to an ExceptorC6/C7
1866Letter of a meizonC6/C7
1867Letter to a meizonC7
1868Letter to a ComesC6/C7
1869Letter from Theoclorus to a DioecetesC6/C7
1870Letter to a GoldsmithC5
1871Letter to a Clericlate C5
1872Letter of Constantinelate C5/early C6
1873Letter concerning a Riot at Lycopolislate C5
1874Letter of CondolenceC6
1875Business LetterC6/C7
1876Report of Proceedings for Debtabout 480
1877Report of Proceedings fot Debtabout 488
1878Report of Proceedings for Debt(?) (pl.1)461
1879Report of Proceedings for Debt (pl2)434
1880Abandonment of Legal Proceedings427
1881Counter-plea (antirrhesis)427
1882Declaration of a Defensor in a case of Debtabout 504
1883-4Petitions to a Defensor504
1885Petition to a Defensor509
1886Petition to a Defensorlate C5/early C6
1887Application for Alteration in Taxing-lists538
1888Order for Supplies to Soldiers488
1889Lease of House-property496
1890Lease of a Milling-Bakery508
1891Loan of Money495
1892Loan of Money on Security581
1893Contract With a Boat-Builder535
1894Appointment ot a Clerk573
1895Alienation of a Daughter554
1896Agreement to supply Wine577
1897Promissory NoteC6/C7
1898Receipt for a Charitable Benefaction587
1899Receipt for Part ofa Water-Wheel476
1900Receipt for Part ofa Water-Wheel528
19O1Will of Flavius PousiC6
1902Receipt for Taxesearly C6
1903Receipt for Supplies to Bucellarii561
1904Receipt for a Payment to summakhoi618
1905Assessment of Taxeslate C4/early C5
1906Account of embole, etcC6/C7
1907Remissions of TaxationC7
1908Arrears of Embole: Banking AccountC6/C7
1909Assessment of TaxesC7
1910Receipts from and Expenditure on Estateslate C6/C7
1911Receipts from and Expenditure on Estates557
1912Receipts from and Expenditure on Estateslate C6
1913Expenditure on Estatesabout 555?
1914Account of Expenditure556
1915Account of Imperial Landabout 560
1916Receipts from EstatesC6
1917Receipts from EstatesC6
1918Accounts of Receipts and ExpenditureC6
1919Account of PaymentsC7
1920Account of Payments to Officialslate C6
1921Account of Expenditure621
1922List of CommoditiesC5
1923List of Articles ShippedC5/early C6
1924List of Articles ShippedC5/C6
1925List of EffectsC7
1927Liturgical FragmentC5/C6
1928Amu!et (Psalm xc): Protocol (pl.3)C5/early C6
1929Letter from Asclaslate C4/C5
1930Letter to ComarchsC6
1931Letter to a boethosC5
1932Letter to ApollinariusC5
1933Part of a LetterC6
1934Letter concerning a Tax-receiptC6
1935Letter to a SecretaryC6
1936Letter from Philip and Menas to GeorgeC6/C7
1937Letter from Victor to GeorgeC6/C7
1938Letter concerning a TheftC6
1939Letter from JustusC6/C7
1940Business LetterC6/C7
1941Letter dismissing a TenantC5
1942Letter of a PraesesC6
1943Petition to a Defensorlate C5
1944Part of a PetitionC6/C7
1945Order for Payment to Monks517
1946Order for Payment of Seed-corn524
1947-8Orders for Payment of Wheatearly C6
1949Order for Payment of Wheat481
1950Order for Payment issued by a Church487
1951Order for Payment issued by a ChurchC5
1952Order for Payment issued to an ArchimandriteC6
1953Order for Payment for Transport419
1954-6Orders for Payment to Widowslate C5
1957Lease of House-property430
1958Lease of House-property476
1959Lease of House-property499
1960Beginning of a Lease511
1961Lease of House-property487
1962Lease of House-property500
1963Lease of House-propertyabout 500
1964Lease of House-property518
1965Lease of House-property553
1966Lease of a Workshop505
1967Fragment of a Lease427
1968Lease of LandC6
1969Loan of Money484
1970Loan of Money554
1971Loan of Moneylate C5/C6
1972Loan of Money560
1973Acknowledgement of Debt420
1974Acklowledgement of Debt499
1975Loan of Money496
1976Loan of Seed-corn582
1977Loan of WheatC6
1978Fragment of a Marriage-contract(?)C6
1979Security for a Guard613
1980Contract with Tow-workers557
1981Undertaking to be honest612(?)
1982Receipt for an Axle497
1983Receipt for Machinery535
1984Fragment of a Receipt for Machinery(?)523(?)
1985Receipt for Machinery543
1986Receipt for an Axle549
1987Receipt for a Windlass587
1988Receipt for an Axle587
1989Receipt for an Axle590
1990Receipt for an Axle591
1991Receipt for Machinery616
1992Receipt for Wages572
1993Receipt for a Charitable Benefaction587
1994Beginning of a Lease505
1995Beginning of a Contract (Lease?)542
1996Agreement for Settlement of an AccountC5/early C6
1997-8Receipts for EmboleC6
1999Receipt for sunetheiaiC6/C7
2000Receipt for EmboleC6/C7
2001Receipt for Military Taxes465
2002Receipt for dorea and Embole379
2003Receipt for a Receiptearly C6
2004Receipt for Annona, etcC5
2005Receipt for Payment for Repair of a Wall513
2006Receipt for WagesC5/C6
2007Receipt on Behalf of Brickmakersearly C6
2008Receipt for Salary580
2009Receipt for sunetheiaC7
2010Receipt for Cost of Rations618
2011Receipt for Expenses618
2012Receipt for Wine590
2013-14Receipts for Rations551
2015Receipt for Rope555
2016Account of CornC6
2017Account of Corn-transportC5
2018Account of Corn-transportC6
2019Account of Receipts from EstatesC6
2020Account of ArcaricaC6
2021Account of Embolelate C6/early C7
2022Account of Corn (Embole?)C6
2023Account of Arrears of Cornlate C6
2024Account of Receipts and Expenditurelate C6
2025Account of ReceiptsC6/C7
2026Account of Receipts and Expenditureearly C6
2027Account of Receipts and ExpenditureC6
2028Account of Payments for StablesC6
2029Account of Receipts and ExpenditureC6
2030Account of Receipts in Moneylate C6
2031Account of Money Paymentslate C6/C7
2032Account of Money PaymentsC6
2033Account of Receipts and ExpenditureC7
2034Money AccountC6
2035Protocol: Account of Money Paymentslate C6
2036Account of Receipts in Moneylate C5
2037Account of Dues in Corn and Moneylate C6
2038Account of Remissionslate C6/C7
2039Account of RipariiC6
2040Contributions for a Public BathC6/C7
2041Mason's AccountC6/C7
2042-3Accounts of WineC5
2044Account of WineC6
2045List of Payments to summakhoi612
2046Account of Rationslate C6
2047Victuals for SingulariiC5
2048List of CommoditiesC5
2049Account of WineC6
2050Account of FoodC6
2051Account of WineC6/C7
2052Account of Payments in Moneyabout 579
2053Statement of AccountC6
2054List of ClothesC7
2055List of Fugitive Cultivators, and Abstracts of LettersC6
2056List of PrisonersC7
2057List of ShieldsC7
2058List of Stolen Property and of Persons ResponsibleC6
2061Gnostic CharmC5
2062-3Gnostic CharmsC6
2065Psalm 90C5/C6
2066Ecclesiastes vi, viiC5/C6
2067Nicene CreedC5
2068Liturgical (?) FragmentsC4
2069Apocalyptic Fragmentlate C4
2070Anti-Jewish Dialoguelate C3
2071Fragment of a DialogueC6
2072Fragment of an Apologylate C3
2073Fragment of a Homily, etclate C4
2074Apostrophe to Wisdom (?)C5
2075Hesiod, Cataloguelate C2
2076Sappho, Book iiC2
2077Sophocles, Nauplius?late C2/early C3
2078Euripides(?), PirithousC2
2079Callimachus, Aetia, PrologueC2
2080Callimachus, Aetia, Book iiC2
2081Additional Fragments of 1174-5, 1231, 1233, 1361, 1700, 1798, 1800
2082Phlegon, Chronica(?)late C2
2083Life of Aesoplate C4/C5
2084Encomium on the FigC3
2085Scholia on Euphorion(?)early C2
2086Scholia: Treatise on RhetoricC2+C3
2088Latin Fragment on Servius TulliusC2
2089Latin Juristic FragmentC4/C5
2090Hesiod, TheogonyC2
2091Hesiod, OperaC3
2092Pindar, Ol. 2late C2
2093Sophocles, Ajaxlate C2/early C3
2094Lycophron, AlexandraC2
2095Herodotus, Book iC2
2096Herodotus, Book ilate C2
2097Herodotus, Book iC3
2098Herodotus, Book viilate C2/early C3
2099Herodotus, Book viiiearly C2
2100Thucydides, Books iv, v, viiiC2
2101Xenophon, Cyropaediaearly C3
2102Plato, Phaedruslate C2
2103Gaius, Institutes ivC3
2104Rescript of Severus Alesander241?
2105Edict of a Praefect147-8
2106Letter of a Praefectearly C4
2107Order to Irenarchs262
2108Letter from a Strategus259
2109Publication of an Offer for Lease261
2110Proceedings of the Senate370
2111Judicial Proceedingsabout 135
2112List of Judicial Decisionslate C2
2113Letter of a Strategus316
2114Letter of a Strategus316
2115Letter of a LogistesC4
2116Acknowledgement of Receipt of Accounts229
2117Acknowledgement of Receipt of a Report203
2118Report on a Census of Live-stockabout 156
2119Report of Sitologi219
2120Declaration on Oath221
2121List of Village Officials209-10
2122List of Village Officialslate C2/early C3
2123Nomination to Office247-8
2124Nomination to Office316
2125Receipt for Corn for Transport220-1
2126Receipt from a Decemprimus261-2?
2127Municipal Accountlate C2
2128Municipal Accountlate C2
2129Taxation Account205-6?
2130Application to the Board of Gymnasiarchs267
2131Attestation of a Copy of a Petition with Reply207
2132Petition to the Praefectabout 250
2133Petition to the Praefectlate C3
2134Registration of a Deed of Mortgageabout 170
2135Agreement of Indemnity188
2136Sale in the form of Lease of a Boat291
2137Lease of Land226
2138Receipt for Payment219
2139Order for Poultrylate C2/early C3
2140Order for Payment of DuesC3
2141Order for Payment of Rent208?
2142Order for Payment of Annonaabout 293
2143Order for Payment of Wages293
2144List of Paymentslate C3
2145Measurements of a Bath186
2146Inventory of a HouseC3
2147Invitation to Dinnerearly C3
2148Letter to Heraclides27
2149Letter of CerdonC2/C3
2150Letter of DidymusC3
2151Letter of ItalicusC3
2152Letter of AsclepiadesC3
2153Letter of DidymusC3
2154Letter of HeraclidesC4
2155Letter of HelenusC4
2150Letter of Amyntaslate C4/C5
2157Galatians iC4
2159Aeschylus, Glaukos pontosC2
2160Aeschylus, Glaukos PotnieusC2
2161Aeschylus, DiktuoulkoiC2
2162Aeschylus, Theoroi e Isthmiastai?C2
2163Aeschylus, MurmidonesC2
2164Aeschylus, XantriaiC2
2165Alcaeus1st half C2
2166Sappho and Alcaeus (fragments of MSS. previously published)
2167Callimachus, Aetia 1C2
2168Callimachus, Aetia 1C4/C5
2169Callimachus, Aetia 32nd half C2
2170Callimachus, Aetia 4C1-C2
2171Callimachus, EpodesC2
2172Callimachus, BpankhosC2
2173Callimachuslate C2
2174Hipponax, Iamboi1st half C2
2175Hipponax, IamboiC2-C3
2176Commentary on HipponaxC2
2177Acta AlexandrinorumC3
2178Aeschylus, AgamemnonC2
2179Aeschylus, Seven Against ThebesC2
2180Sophocles, Oedipus RexC2
2181Plato, Phaedolater C2
2182Letter of a Strategus166
2183Letter of a Strategus181
2184Letter of a Strategus215
2185Order for a Grant of Seed92
2186Examination for Membership of the Gymnasium269
2187Petition to a Logistes304
2188Lease of Land107
2189Lease of Land220
2190Letter to Theonlate C1
2191Letter from PuteoliC2
2192Letter about BooksC2
2193Graeco-Latin LetterC5/C6
2194Graeco-Latin LetterC5/C6
2195Account of Receipts from and Expenditure on EstatesC6
2196Account of Receipts and Expenditure586?
2197Account of BricksC6
2198Fragments of Official CorrespondenceC2
2199Petition (?)Hadrian
2200Letterearly C2
2201Account of an Estateearly C3
2203Deed of SuretyC6
2204Account of ReceiptsC6
2205Account in moneyC6
2206Account in moneyC6
2207List of villagesC6
2208Callimachus, Aition A, etc.C3
2209ACallimachus, Aition Aearly C2(?)
2209BCallimachusearly C2(?)
2210Callimachus, Aition Bearly C2
2211Callimachus, Aition G,etc.C3
2212Callimachus, Aition Gearly C2
2213Callimachus, Aition G1st half C2
2214Callimachus, AitiaC1 BC/C1 AD
2215Callimachus, IamboiC2/early C3
2216Callimachus, HekaleC3
2217Callimachus, HekaleC4
2221Commentary on Nicander, TheriacaC1
2222Chronological Listearly C1
2223Euripides, BacchaeC2
2224Euripides, HippolytusC2
2225Callimachus, Hymn ivmid C2
2226Callimachus, Hymn viearly C2
2227Letter of Prefect?215-6?
2228Copies of the Correspondence of a Strategus283?
2229Order for Delivery of a Prisoner346-50
2230Declarations of Cloth-dealersafter 28.08.119
2231Notification of Succession241
2232Nomination to Office316
2233Declaration to the Riparii350
2234Petition to a Centurion31
2235Petition to the Ripariusc. 346
2236Sale of Part of a Houseearly C3
2237Loan of Money498
2238Deed of Surety264
2239Contract of an Overseer598
2240Account of a Large Estate211
2241List of Rents from Land283-4
2242Account of RentsC3
2243(a)Receipts from and Expenditure on Estates590
2243(b)List of DeedsC6
2244Supply of Axles for Water-WheelsC6/C7
2245Aeschylus, PrometheusC2
2227Aeschylus, Various Playslate C2/early C3(?)
2228Hupothesis of a Play, etc.later C2(?)
2259Grammaticallate C1/early C2
2260Commentary on a Poetic Textearly C2
2261Callimachus, Aition Aearly C2
2262Commentary on Callimachus, Aition A2nd half C2
2263Diegesis A Aition Kallimakhoulate C2/C3
2264Acta Alexandrinorum(?)later C2
2265Letter of a Prefect119
2266Copy of an Edict of a Prefect266-7
2268Petition(?)late C5
2269Latin Auction269
2270Sale of Dining-Roomearly C5
2271Receipt of Public Bankersmid C3
2272Account of Repairs to a TempleC2
2273Letter to Theonislate C3
2274Letter of a phrontistesC3
2275Letter from Theonas1st half C4
2276Letter from Aurelius Artemidoruslate C3/C4
2277Official Correspondence13
2278Letter concerning the Sale of Unproductive Landmid C3
2279Report of Legal Proceedings213-5
2280Copy of Records of a Trial2nd half C3
2281Legal Proceedings before a StrategusC2
2282Contract of Servicelate C3
2283Will of Aurelius Petrus586
2284Lease of House and Land258
2285Order for Payment285
2286Order for Payment274 or 280
2287List of Paymentsend C3

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