Table of Contents

2St. Matthew i (pl.1, frontispiece)C3
3St. Mark x-xiC5/C6
4Theological fragmentC3/C4
5Early Christian fragmentC3/C4
6Acts of Paul and TheclaC5
7Sappho (pl.2)C3
8Alcman? (pl.2)C1/C2
9 rectoAristoxenus, rhuthmika stoikheia (pl.3)C3
9 versoList of Weights and MeasuresC3/C4
12Chronological WorkC3
13Letter to a King of MacedonC2/C3
16Thucydides IV (pl.4)C1
17Thucydides IIC2/C3
18Herodotus IC3
19Herodotus IC2/C3
20Homer, Iliad II (pl.5)C2
21Homer, Iliad IIC1/C2
22Sophocles, Oedipus TyrannusC5
23Plato, Laws IX (pl.6)C3
24Plato, Republic XC3
25Demosthenes, De Corona (pl.3)C3
26Demosthenes, proimia demegorika (pl. 7)C2
27Isocrates, peri antidoseosC1/C2
28Xenophon, Hellenica IIIC2
29Euclid II. 5C3/C4
30Latin Historical Fragment (pl.8)C3
31Vergil, Aeneid I (pl.8)C5
32Latin Letter to a tributus militum (pl.8)C2
33Interview with an EmperorC2
34Edict of a Praefect concerning Archives127
35Proclamation and List of Emperors223
36Customs RegulationsC2/C3
37Report of a Lawsuit49
38Petition to the Praefect49-50
39Release from Military Service52
40A Legal DecisionC2/C3
41Report of a Public MeetingC3/C4
43Military Accounts. Watchmen of Oxyrhynchus295
44Sale of TaxesC1
45Land Distribution95
46Land Distribution100
47Land DistributionC1
48Emancipation of a Slave86
49Emancipation of a Slave100
50Emancipation of a Slave100
51Report of a Public Physician173
52Report of Public Physicians325
53Report on a Persea Tree316
54Repair of Public Buildings201
55Embellishment of a New Street283
56Appointment of a Guardian211
57Peculation by a Treasury OfficialC3
58Appointment of Treasury Officials288
59Appointment of a Delegate292
61Payment of a Fine221
62Letter of a CenturionC2/C3
63Lading and Inspection of CornC2/C3
64Order for ArrestC3/C4
65Order for ArrestC3/C4
66Erection of a Statue to a Praefect357
67Dispute concerning Property338
68Denial of a Money Claim131
69Complaint of a Robbery190
71Two Petitions to the Praefect303
72Property Return90
73Registration of a Slave94
74Registration of Sheep and Goats116
75Registration of an Inberitance129
76Letter to the Strategus179
77Declatation concerning Ownership223
78Correction of the Official Taxing ListsC3
79Notification of a Death. Moral Precepts181-92
80Search for Criminals238-44
81Declaration by a Tax-Collector244-5
82Declaration by a StrategusC3
83Declaration by an Egg-Seller327
84Payment to the Guild of Ironworkers316
85Declarations by Guilds of Workmen338
86Complaint of a Pilot338
87Declaration by a Ship-Owner242
88Order for Paymentof Wheat179
89Payment of Corn140-l
90Payment of Corn179-8O
91Receipt of Wages for Nursing187
92Order for Payment of Wine335 (?)
93Order for Payment of Corn362
94Agreement for Sale of Slaves83
95Sale of a Slave129
96Payment of Tax on Sales180
97Appointment of a Representative115-6
98Repayment of a Loan141-2
99Sale of House Property55
100Sale of Land133
101Lease of Land142
102Lease of Land306
103Lease of Land316
106Revocation of a Will135
107Revocation of a Will123
108Monthly Meat Bill of a Cook183 or 215
109List of Personal PropertyC3/C4
110Invitation to DinnerC2
111Invitation to a Wedding FeastC3
112Invitation to a FestivalC3/C4
114Letter concerning Property in FayumC2/C3
115Letter of ConsolationC2
119A Boy's LetterC2/C3
120Two LettersC4
122Letter to a PraefectC3/C4
124Schoolboy's Exercise: the Story of AdrastusC3
125Indemnity of a Surety560
126Transference of Taxation572
127Contributions to the Corn-SupplyC6
128Resignation of a SecretaryC6/C7
129Repudiation of a BetrothalC6
130Petition for ReliefC6
131A Disputed InheritanceC6/C7
132Division of PropertyC6/C7
133Advance of Seed Corn550
134Contract of a Stonemason569
135Deed of Surety579
136Contract of a Farm Steward583
137Repair of a Waterwheel584
138Contract for the Charge of a Stable610-11
139Promise to be Honest612
140Contract with a Horse-Trainer550
141Order for Payment of Wine503
152Receipt 618
208St. John i and xxC3
209Ep. to Romans i (pl.II)C4
210Early Christian fragmentC3
211Menander, Perikeiromene (pl. 3)C1/C2
212Aristophanes(?) C1/C2
213Tragic fragment (pl.4)C2
214Epic fragmentC3
215Philosophical fragmentC1 BC/AD
216Rhetorical exercise (pl.5)C1 BC/AD
217Letter to a King of MacedonC3
218Historical fragmentC3
219Lament for a petC1
220Treatise on Metres (pl.6)C1/C2
221Scholia on Iliad xxi(pl.6)C2
222List of Olympian VictorsC3
223Homer, Iliad (pl.1, frontispiece)C3
224Euripides, PhoenissaeC3
225Thucydides ii (pl.5)C1
226Xenophon, Hellenica viC1/C2
227Xenophon, OeconomicusC1
228Plato, LachesC2
229Plato, PhaedoC2/C3
230Demosthenes, De CoronaC2
231Demosthenes, De CoronaC1/C2
232Demosthenes, Contra Democratem(pl.4)C2/C3
233Demosthenes, Contra DemocratemC3
234Medical PrescriptionsC2/C3
235Horoscopeabout 20
236Ptolemaic fragments (pl.5)BC 69-51
237Petition of DionysiaAD 186
238Official Notice72
239Irregular Contributions66
240Extortion by a Soldier37
241Registration of a Mortgageabout 98
242Registration of a Sale77
243Registration of a Mortgage79
244Transfer of Cattle23
245Registration of Cattle26
246Registration of Cattle (pl.7)66
247Registration of Property90
248Registration of Property80
249Registration of Property80
250Registration of Property61
251Notice of Removal44
252Notice of Removal19-20
253Notice of Removal19
254Census Returnabout 20
255Census Return48
256Census Return6-35
257Selection of Boys (epikrisis)94-5
258Selection of Boys (epikrisis)86-7
259Bail for a Prisoner23
260Promise of Attendance in Court59
261Appointment of a Representative55
262Notice of Death61
263Sale of a Slave77
264Sale of a Loom54
265Marriage Contract81-95
266Deed of Divorce96
267Agreement of Marriage36
268Repayment of a Dowry58
269Loan of Money57
270Indemnification of a Surety (pl.8)94
271Transfer of a Debt56
272Transfer of a Debt66
273Cession of Land95
274Register of Property89-97
275Contract of Apprenticeship66
276Transport of Corn77
277Lease of LandBC 19
278Hire of a MillAD 17
279I.ease of Domain Land44-5
280Lease of Land88-9
281Complaint against a Husband20-50
282Complaint against a Wife (pl.7)30-35
283Petition to the Strategus45
284Etortion by a Tax-Collectorabout 50
285Extortion by a Tax-Collectorabout 50
286Claim of a Creditor82
287Payment of Corn23
288Taxation Account22-5
289Taxation Accounts65-83
290Work on the Embankments83-84
291Letter of a Strategus25-6
292Letter of Recommendationabout 25
293Letter to a Sister27
294 Letter from Alexandria22
295Letter of a daughterC1
296Letter concerning TaxationC1
297Letter concerning a Property Return54
298Letter of a Tax-CollectorC1
299Letter concerning a Mouse-CatcherC1
300Letter to a RelativeC1
302-3Literary fragmentsC1
304-326Documents concerning Tryphon17-59
327-349Notices to the agoranomi77-100
362-380Contracts, Wills, Leases6-97
381-392Taxation and AccountsC1
393-400Petitions and LettersC1
401Gospel of St. Matthew i-iiC5/C6
402First Epistle of St. John ivlate C4/C5
403Apocalypse of Baruch xii-xiv (pl.1)late C4/C5
404Shepherd of Hermas (pl.4 )late C3/C4
405-406Theological Fragments (pl.1)C3
407Christian Prayerlate C3/C4
408Pindar Odes(pl.2)early C2
409Menander Kolax (pls. 2 & 3)C2
410Rhetorical Treatise (pl.4)C2
411Life of AlcibiadesC5/C6
412Julius Africanus Kestoi (pl. 5)225-265
413Farce and MimeC2
414Philosophical Fragmentlate C2/early C3
417Romance?early C3
418Scholia on Iliad ilate C1/early C2
419Euripides ArchelausC2/C3
420Argument of Euripides Electra (pl.6)C3
421-434Poetical FragmentsC2/C3
435-444Prose Fragmentslate C1-early C4
445Homer Iliad vi(pl.4)C2/C3
446Homer Iliad xiii (pl.6)late C2
447Homer Iliad xxiii (pl.6)C2/early C3
448Homer Odyssey xxii and xxiiiC3
449Euripides AndromacheC3
450Euripides MedeaC3
451Thucydides iiC3
452Thucydides ivC2/C3
453Thucydides vilate C1/C2
454Plato GorgiasC2
455Plato Republiciii (pl.6)C3
456Plato Republic ivlate C2/early C3
457Aeschines In CtesiphontemC2
458Aeschines De Falsa LegationeC3
459Demosthenes Contra AristocratemC3
460Demosthenes De Pacelate C2/early C3
461Demosthenes De CoronaC3
462Demosthenes De CoronaC3
463Xenophon Anabasis vilate C2/early C3
464Astrological Epigramslate C3
465Astrological Calendarlate C2
466Directions for WrestlingC2
467Alchemistic Fragmentlate C1/early C2
468Medical Fragmentearly C3
469Grammatical Rulesearly C3
470Mathematical TreatiseC3
471Speech of an AdvocateC2
472Speech of an AdvocateAbout 130
473Decree in Honour of a Gymnasiarch138-161
474Circular to Officials184?
475Report of an Accident182
476Report of MummifiersC2
477Registration of an Ephebus132-3
478Selection of Boys (epikrisis)132
483Application for Leave to Mortgage108
484Petition to the Strategus138
485Notification to the Strategus178
486Petitions to the Epistrategus and Praefect131
487Petition to the Epistrategus156
488Petition to the Epistrateguslate C2/C3
489Will of Dionysius117
490Will of Tastraton124
491Will of Eudaemon126
492Will of Thatres130
493Will of Pasion and Bereniceearly C2
494Will of Acusilaus156
495Will of Petosorapis181-9
496Marriage Contract127
497Marriage Contractearly C2
498Contract with Stone-cuttersC2
499Lease of Land121
500Lease of Domain Land130
501Lease of Land187
502Lease of a House164
503Division of Property118
504Sale of Catoecic Landearly C2
505Sale of a CourtyardC2
506Loan of Money upon Security143
507Loan of Money upon Security169
508Security for a Debt102
509Modification of an Agreementlate C2
510Repayment of a Loan101
511Acknowledgement of a Loan103
512Payment for Fodder173
513Receipt for Sale of Confiscated Property184
514Receipt for Salary190-1
515Receipt for Taxing-Lists134
516Order for Payment in Kind160
517Receipt for Payment in Kind130
518Receipt for Payment in Kind179-80
519Account of Public GamesC2
520Account of a Sale143
521 List of ObjectsC2
522Account of Corn TransportC2
523Invitation to DinnerC2
524Invitation to a Wedding-feastC2
525Letterearly C2
526Letter of CyrillusC2
527Letter of HatresC2/early C3
528Letter of SerenusC2
529Letter to AthenarousC2
530Letter of DionysiusC2
531Letter of CorneliusC2
532Letter of HeraclidesC2
533Letter of Apionlate C2/early C3
534-573Homeric FragmentsC2-C3
574-653Miscellaneous DocumentsC2
(Texts of 574 verso, 589, 599, 609, 610, 611, 613 & 614 given in full. Large extracts made from 574 recto, 577, 580, 582, 597, 638, 640, 642, 653.)
654New Sayings of Jesus (pl.1)C3
655Fragment of a Lost Gospel (pl.2)C3
656Genesis (pl.2)late C2/early C3
657Epistle to the Hebrewsearly C4
658Certificate of Pagan Sacrifice250
659Pindar Partheneion and Ode (pls. 3 & 4)late C1 BC
660Paeanlate C1/early C2
661Epodes (pl.5)late C2
662Epigramsabout AD1
663Argument of Cratinus' Dionysalexandroslate C2/early C3
664Philosophical DialogueC3
665History of Sicily (pl.1)C2
666Aristotle, ProtreptikosC2
667Aristoxenus? C3
668Epitome of Livy xxxvii-xl and xlviii-lv (Latin) (pl.6)C3
669Metrological Workearly C4
670-678Poetical FragmentsC1-C3
670-684Prose FragmentsC1 BC-C3
685Homer Iliad xviiC2
686-688Homer Iliad ii, iii, and xi (pl. 7)about AD1
689Hesiod Scutumlate C2
690-691Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica iiiC3-C2
692Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica ivC2
693Sophocles Electraearly C3
694Theocritus Idyll xiiiC2
695Herodotus vC3
696Thucydides ivC1
697Xenophon Cyropaedia iearly C3
698Xenophon Cyropaedia iearly C3
699Theophrastus Charactersearly C3
700Demosthenes De CoronaC2
701Demosthenes Contra Timocratemlate C2/early C3
702Demosthenes Contra BoeotumC2
703Aeschines In CtesiphontemC3
704 Isocrates Contra SophistasC3
705Two Petitions to the Emperors with Replies200-2
706Report of Legal Proceedingsabout 115
707Report of Legal Proceedingsabout 136
708Two Letters to a Strategus188
709Tour of Inspectionabout 50
710Order for PaymentBC 111
711Census-Listabout BC 14
712 Collection of a Debtlate C2
713Claim of Ownership97
714Selection of Boys (epikrisis122
715Registration of Property131
716Auction of a Slave186
717Petitionlate C1 BC
718 Petition to the Epistrategus180- 192
719Registration of a Deed193
720Request for a Guardian (Latin) (pl. 7)247
721Sale of Crown Land13-14
722Emancipation of a Slave91 or 107
Papyrus Edmondstone354
723Emancipation of a Slave138-161
724Apprenticeship to a Shorthand- Writer155
725Apprenticeship to a Weaver183
726Appointment of a Representative135
727Delegation of the Duties of a Guardian154
728Sale of a Crop142
729Lease of a Vineyard137
730Lease of Domain Land130
731 Engagement of Services8-9
732Receipt for the Tax on Ferry- boats150
733Tax- Receipt147
735Graeco-Latin Military Account (pl. 5)205
736Private Accountabout AD1
737Latin Account (pl.8)about AD1
738Account of Foodabout AD1
739Private Accountabout AD1
740Account of Cornabout AD200
741List of ArticlesC2
742Letter of AntasBC 2
743Letter to a FriendBC 2
744Letter of IlarionBC 1
745Letter to Gaius Rustiusabout AD1
746 Letter of Recommendation16
747Invitation to a Feastlate C2/C3
748-783 Homeric FragmentsC1 BC-C4
784-839Miscellaneous DocumentsC2 BC-C2
I. Theological
840Fragment of an Uncanonical Gospel
II. New Theological Texts
841Pindar, Paeans
842Theopompus (or Cratippus), Hellenica
III. Extant Classical Texts
843Plato, Symposium
844Isocrates, Panegyricus
845Psalms lxviii and lxxlate C4/C5
846Amos iiC6
847St. John's Gospel ii (pl.6)C4
848Revelation xvi (pl.1 C5
849Acts of Peter (pl.1)early C4
850Acts of John (pl.1)C4
851Apocryphal ActsC5/C6
852Euripides, Hypsipyle (pls. 2-3)late C2/early C3
853Commentary on Thucydides II (pl.4)late C2
854Archilochus, Elegeia (pl.1)late C2
855Menander (?)C3
856Scholia on Aristophanes' AcharniansC3
857Epitome of HerodotusC4
858Oration against Demostheneslate C2/early C3
859-864Poetical FragmentsC1-C3
865-870Prose Fragments (pl.1)C1-C7
871, 872Latin Fragments (pl.5)C5-C6
873Hesiod, TheogoniaC3
874Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica IIIearly C3
875Sophocles, Antigoneearly C2
876Euripides, HecubaC5
877Euripides, HecubaC3
878Thucydides IIlate C1
879Thucydides IIIC3
880Thucydides Vlate C2
881Plato, Euthydemus and Lysislate C2/C3
882Demosthenes, In Aristogitonem IC2
883Demosthenes, In AristocratemC3
884Sallust, Catilina (pl.5)C5
885Treatise on Divinationlate C2/early C3
886Magical FormulaC3
887Directions for Wrestling (?)C3
888Edict of a Praefect and Petitionlate C3/early C4
889Edict of Diocletian and PetitionC4
890Letter to a StrategusC3
891Apportionment of Duties to an Exegetes294
892Appointment of a Superintendent of Works338
893Judicial Sentencelate C6/C7
894Latin Declaration of Birth (pl.6)194-6
895Return of Village-Accounts305
896Reports to a Logistes316
897Declaration to Riparii346
898Petition to an Acting-Strategus123
899Petition of Apollonarion200
900Petition to a Logistes322
901Petition to a Public Advocate336
902Petition to a Public Advocateabout 465
903Accusation against a HusbandC4
904Petition to a PraesesC5
905Marriage Contract170
906Deed of DivorceC2/early C3
907Will of Hermogenes276
908Contract between Eutheniarchs199
909Sale of Acacia-Trees225
910Lease of Land197
911Lease of a House233/265
912Lease of a Cellar235
913Lease of Land442
914Acknowledgement of a Debt486
915Receipt for Lead and Tin572
917Taxing-Memorandumlate C2/early C3
919Advance of Dues on a Freight182?
920Account of Foodlate C2/early C3
921Inventory of PropertyC3
922Account of Horseslate C6/early C7
923Petition to a Pagan Deitylate C2/early C3
924Gnostic CharmC4
925Christian PrayerC5/C6
926Invitation to DinnerC3
927Invitation to a WeddingC3
928Letter of LuciusC2/C3
929Letter of Nicanorlate C2/C3
930Letter to Ptolemaeus from his MotherC2/C3
931Letter of Theopompus to a StrategusC2
932Letter of Thaislate C2
933Letter of Diogeneslate C2
934Letter of Aurelius StephanusC3
935Letter of SerenusC3
936Letter of PausaniasC3
937Letter of DemarchusC3
938Letter of Demetriuslate C3/C4
939Letter to FlavianusC4
940Letter to a ClerkC5
941Letter to JohnC6
942Letter of TimotheusC6/C7
943Letter of VictorC6
*944-956Homeric FragmentsC2-C5
957Leather sillubos (?)122-3
958Vellum sillubos (?)80
*959Magical SymbolsC3
960Memorandum of a Payment of CornC3
*961Demotic PapyrusC1/C2
962*apographe of Sheep and Memorandum of Contractslate C1
963Letter of Ophelia to her MotherC2/C3
964Receipt for the Rent of a Camel-Shed263
965Order to Collectors of Corn-DuesC3
966Official Account of Payments and Writing-ExerciseC3
967Letter from Apion to his SisterC2
*968Will of Didyme100-138
969Order for Arrestearly C2
970apographeearly C3
971Account of Expenditure on Irrigationlate C1/early C2
972Oath of an Official223
*973Notice to Sitologi168-9
974Order for Payment of WheatC3
*975Lease of Land82-3/98-9
*976Declaration on Oath197
977Payment of the phoros of an askholema253
978List of FurnitureC3
*979Account of Payments of CornC2/C3
980*List of Abstracts of Contracts (?) and of Payments for HousesC3
981Taxing-Memorandumlate C2/early C3
* 982Taxing-MemorandumC3
*983Report to a Logistes316
* 985Private Account50-100
*986List of House- and Land-Property and of Loans of Seed-Corn131-2
987Vellum Title (?)C5/C6
988Loan of Corn and Memorandum concerning a Sale224
989List of Persons and Workshopslate C3/C4
990Will of a Woman331
991Petition to a Police Official341
992Order for Payment of Wine413
993Order for Payment of WineC6
994Order for Payment of Corn 499
995Receipt for MoneyC5
*996Deed of Surety584
*998Account of Allowances (?)late C6
*1000-3Receipts for Lead and TinAbout 572
*1004-5Arabic PapyriC7/C8
*1006Arabic PaperMediaeval
1007Genesis ii, iiilate C3
10081 Corinthians vii-viiiC4
1009Philippians iii, ivC4
10106 EzraC4
1011Callimachus, Aetia and Iambilate C4
1012Treatise on Literary CompositionC3
1013Menander, MisoumenosC5/C6
1014Historical FragmentC3
1015Panegyrical PoemC3
1016Plato, PhaedrusC3
1017Plato, Phaedruslate C2/early C3
1018Xenophon, Cyropaedia iC3
1019Chariton, Chaereas and Callirrhoelate C2/early C3
1020Imperial Rescripts198-201
1021Notification of the Accession of Nero54
1022Enrolment of Recruits103
1023Arrival of a VeteranC2
1024Order for a Grant of Seed129
1025Engagement of Performerslate C3
1026Attestation of AgreementC5
1027Denial of a ClaimC1
1028Selection of Boys (epikrisis)86
1029Return of Hieroglyphic Inscribers107
1030Notification of Death212
1031Application for Grant of Seed228
1032Petition to the Epistrategus162
1033Petition to Riparii392
1034Draft of a Will C2
1035Lease of a Weaver's Implement 143
1036Lease of a House273
1037Lease of an Exhedra444
1038Lease of Part of a House568
1039Contract of Deposit210
1040Loan of Wheat225
1041Guarantee for a Loan381
1042Loan of Money578
1045List of Duesabout 205
1047Account of a PraepositusC4
1048Account of Corn-Freightslate C4/early C5
1049Account of Transportlate C2
1050Account for GamesC2/C3
1051Inventory of PropertyC3
1052Account of RevenuesC4
1053Account of Work on Dykes and of Expenditurelate C6/early C7
1054Order for Delivery of Wine263
1055Order for Delivery of Wine267
1056Order for Delivery of Aracus360
1057Order for Payment362
1058Christian PrayerC4/C5
1059Christian PrayerC5
1060Gnostic AmuletC6
1061Letter of DiogenesBC 22
1062Letter of MarcusC2
1063Letter to AmoisC2/C3
1064Letter to DidymasC3
1065Letter of HephaestionC3
1066Letter of NemesianusC3
1067Letter of HeleneC3
1068Letter of SatornilusC3
1069Letter of TroilusC3
1070Letter of Aurelius DemarcusC3
1071Letter of PambechisC5
1072Letter of PhiloxenusC5/C6
1073Old Latin Version of Genesis v-viC4
1074Exodus xxxi, xxxiiC3
1075Exodus xlC3
1076New Recension of Tobit iiC6
1077Amulet: St. Matthew ivC6
1078Epistle to the Hebrews ixC4
1079Revelation ilate C3/C4
1080Revelation iii, ivC4
1081Gnostic Gospelearly C4
1082Cercidas, MeliambiC2
1083Satyric DramaC2
1084Hellanicus, Atlantis iearly C2
1085Pancrates, Hadrian and AntinousC2
1086Scholia on Iliad iiC1 BC
1087Scholia on Iliad viilate C1 BC
1088Medical Receiptsearly C1
1089An Alexandrian ChronicleC3
1090Hesiod, Operalate C1
1091Bacchylides, DithyrambsC2
1092Herodotus iilate C2
1093Demosthenes, Contra BoeotumC2
1094Demosthenes, De Falsa LegationeC5
1095Isocrates,] Ad DemonicumC4
1096Isocrates, Panegyricus and De PaceC4
1097Cicero, De Imp. Cn. Pompei and In Verrem II.iC5
1098Vergil, Aeneid iiC4/C5
1099Greek Paraphrase of Vergil, AeneidC5
1100Edict of a Praefect206
1101Edict of a Praefect367-70
1102Report of Legal Proceedingsabout 146
1103Proceedings of the Senate360
1104Application for Payment306
1105Notice to the Agoranomus81-96
1106Letter to PaulusC6
1107Letter of EudaemonC5/C6
1108List of Officialslate C6/C7
1109Selection of Boys (epikrisis) 160-1
1112Purchase of Acacia-trees188
1113Return of Unirrigated Land203
1114Declaration of Inheritance237
1115Reply to a Strategus284
1116Nomination to an Office363
1117Petition to a Praefectabout 178
1118Petition to an Archidicasteslate C1/early C2
1119Petition to a Strategus, &c254
1120Petitionearly C3
1121Petition to a Beneficiarius295
1122Engagement of Services407
1123Devolution of Domain-land158-9
1124Lease of Land26
1125Lease of Land and LoanC2
1126Lease of LandC5
1127Lease of a Pigeon-house183
1128Lease of a Dining-room173
1129Lease of Dining-rooms449
1130Loan of Money484
1131Promissory NoteC5
1132Repayment of a Loanabout 162
1134Official Receipt for Rents421
1135Receipt for AnabolicumC3
1136Receipt for Anabolicum420
1137Receipt for Dues on Land562-3
1138Receipt for Money-taxesC5/C6
1139Order from a LogistesC4
1140Order for Vegetable-seed293
1141Order for WineC3
1142Order for Purchaseslate C3
1143Temple-accountabout 1
1144Temple-accountlate C1/early C2
1145Account of a SitologusC1
1146Account of Paymentsearly C4
1147Account of Arrearslate C6
1148Question to the OracleC1
1148Question to the OracleC2
1150Christian PrayerC6
1151Christian AmuletC1(?)
1152Christian AmuletC5/C6
1153Letter of ApolloniusC1
1154Letter of Theonlate C1
1155Letter of Theonas104
1156Letter of AnubionC3
1157Letter of Pathermouthislate C3
1158Letter of LuciusC3
1158 Letter to a Wifelate C3
1160Letter of Trophimuslate C3/early C4
1161Christian LetterC4
1162Letter of LeonC4
1163Letter of HeraclammonC5
1164Letter of TheodosiusC6/C7
1165Letter of VictorC6
1166Genesis xviC3
1167Genesis xxxiC4
1168Joshua iv-vC4
1169St. Matthew's Gospel viC5/C6
1170St. Matthew's Gospel x-xiC5
1171St. James's Epistle ii-iiilate C3
1172The Shepherd of HermasC4
1174Sophocles, Ichneutaelate C2
1175Sophocles, Eurypyluslate C2
1176Satyrus, Life of EuripidesC2
1177Euripides, Phoenissaeearly C1
1178Euripides, Orestesearly C1 BC
1179Apollonius Rhodius iiearly C3
1180Thucydides vC3
1181Xenophon, Anabasis viiearly C3
1182Demosthenes, De Falsa LegationeC2
1183Isocrates, Trapeziticuslate C1
1184Pseudo-Hippocratesearly C1
1185Letter of a Praefect, &cabout 200
1186Edict of a PraesesC4
1187Proclamation of a Strategus254
1188Official Correspondence13
1189Letter of a Strategusabout 117
1190Letter of a Strategus347
1191Official Correspondence280
1192Order for Payment280
1193Order from a SpeculatorC4
1194Arrears of AnnonaC3 (about 265)
1195Promise of Attendance in Court135
1196Declaration of a Tax-collector211-l2
1197Declaration of a Shipper211
1198Notification of Death150
1199Notification of PurchaseC3
1200Registration of a Deed266
1201Succession to an Inheritance258
1202Petition Concerning an Ephebus217
1203Claim of Creditorslate C1
1204Petition to a Strategus299
1205Manumission inter amicos291
1207Lease of a Camel-stable175-6 (?)
1208Public Acknowledgement of a Contract of Sale291
1200Sale of a Slave231-3
1210Poll-tax Registerlate C1 BC/early C1 AD
1211Articles for a SacrificeC2
1212List of VegetablesC2
1213Question to the OracleC2
1214Invitation to a Birthday-feastC5
1215Letter of SinthonisC2/C3
1216Letter of SarapasC2/C3
1217Letter of EudaemonisC3
1218Letter of DidymusC3
1210Letter of AristandrusC3
1220Letter of a BailiffC3
1221Letter of Isidoruslate C3/early C4
1222Letter to DemetriusC4
1223Letter of Hermiaslate C4
1224Noncanonical GospelC4
1225Leviticus xviC4
1226Psalms vii, viiilate C3/early C4
1227St. Matthew's (Gospel xiiC5
1228St. John's Cospel xv, xvilate C3
1229St. James's Epistle iC4
1230Revelation v, viearly C4
1231Sappho, Book iC2
1232Sappho, Book iiC3
1235Arguments of Menander's Playsearly C2
1237Menander, ColaxC3
1238-40Fragments of ComediesC1-C3
1242Greeks and Jews before Trajanearly C3
1243Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica iiiC2
1244Herodotus iearly C2
1245Thucydides iC4
1246Thucydides viiearly C2
1247Thucydides viiiC2
1248Plato, Politicuslate C2
1249Babrius, FablesC2
1250Achilles Tatius, Clitophon and Leucippe iiearly C4
1251Cicero, In Verrem II. ii and Pro CaelioC5
1252Official Correspondence and Declaration288-95
1253Military RequisitionsC4
1254Publication of an Appointment260
1255Affidavit of Comarchs292
1256List of Priests under age282
1257Statement concerning a DecaprotusC3
1258Promise of Attendance45
1259Declaration of a Shipper211-12
1260Declaration of a Shipper286
1261Declaration concerning Commissariat325
1262Receipt of Seed-corn197
1263Announcement concerning Practice of a Trade128-9
1264Notification of Inviolability272
1265Affidavit of Priestly Rank336
1266Examination for Membership of the Gymnasium98
1267Registration of a Child209
1268Registration of House after PurchaseC3
1269List of Propertyearly C2
1270Notification through the Archidicastes159
1271Petition to the Praefect246
1272Complaint of Theft144
1274Appointment of a RepresentativeC3
1275Engagement of MusiciansC3
1276Sale of House-property249
1277Sale of a Triclinium255
1278Division of Usufruct of a Pigeon-House214
1279Lease of State Land139
1280Partnership in a LeaseC4
1282Repayment of a Loan83
1284Receipt for Tax on Sales250
1285List of Village PaymentsC3
1286Account of Receipt and Expenditure253
1287Survey-listearly C3
1288Private AccountC4
1289Private AccountC5
1290List of ArticlesC5
1291Letter of Zois30
1292Letter of Hermogenesabout 30
1293Letter of Theon117-38
1294Letter to Didymelate C2/early C3
1295Letter of TasoisC2/early C3
1296Letter of DiusC3
1297Letter of SarmatesC4
1298Letter of AmmonC4
1299Letter of Psais and SyraC4
1300Letter of PeterC5
1301Application to a Strateguslate C3/early C4
1302Title (?)208(?)
*1303Declaration on Oathabout 355
*1304Application for Payment169-177(?)
1305Report of a Public Meetinglate C3
*1306Application for epikrisis214-5(?)
1307Response to a PetitionC3
1308Receipt issued to a Tax-collectorlate C2/early C3
*1309Receipt for Payment of Dues198
1310Memorandum of ClothesC3
1311Memorandum of Payment of OilC5
1313Fragment concerning a PraefectC3
*1314Latin Writing-exerciseC4/C5
*1315Graeco-Latin AlphabetsC5/C6
1316Fragment of a Contract57
*1317Contract of Loan91
*1318Contract of Loanabout 305
1319Date of a Contract403
1320Fictitious Loan497
*1321Receipt for Rent48-9
1322Receipt for Wine413
*1323Receipt for RentC6
*1324Receipt for Wine301
1325Receipt for WineC5
1326Receipt for WineC5/C6
*1327Receipt for WineC5/C6
1328Receipt for RentC4/C5
1329Receipt for Dues399
1330Receipt for Dueslate C4/C5
1331Receipt for DuesC5
1332Receipt for CornC5
1333*Account: Order for Paymentlate C2/early C3
*1334Order for Payment of Chaff416
1335Order for Payment of Wheat482
*1336Order for Payment of MoneyC5
1337Order for Payment of MoneyC5
1338Order for Payment of CheeseC5
1339Account of ExpensesC3
*1340Account: List of NamesC1
1342Account of PaymentsC5
*1345Fragment of a Letterlate C2/C3
1346Fragment of a LetterC2(?)
1347Fragment of a LetterC3
1348Beginning of a Letterlate C3
1349Letter of SarapionC4

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