P.Oxy. XLVII 3364

Petition to the Prefect of Egypt, And Related Imperial Edicts

ed. J. D. Thomas

EES: Papyrology Room, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Previously published by Thomas in JEA 61 (1975) 201-21.

"To Subatianus Aquila, Prefect of Egypt, from Heraklides son of Chaeremon ... [N] son of Panechotes of the metropolis(?) of the Small Oasis, disobeying the sacred edicts, showing no regard for(?) the danger hanging over him, still even now lives in the Oxyrhynchite leading an evil life, and with the same brazenness inspires(?) great fear of himself...

"Wherefore I ask you...to make him stop from his impiety and disobedience, and further to compel the person sheltering him to pay the 50,000 sesterces per person fixed by the divine lawgiving...".

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