P.Oxy. LI 3644

Private Letter: Heras to Papontos

ed. J. R. Rea

EES: Papyrology Room, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

In between family business, Heras fills his father in on the latest gossip:

...and I found that Sabina had injured Syra and I asked Syra how she got injured and learnt from them all that because the things which Syra had in her possession were not immediately released to Sabina she struck Syra with the exedra key which she was holding and Syra is confined to bed up to the present day. Sabina disappeared since the tenth and I heard that she is in the Heracleopolite nome. Harpocras will tell you what he heard in the city of the things she did."

As Peter Parsons remarks in his essay 'Waste Paper City' (accessible online via the POxy main menu), "ancient keys are good solid objects".

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