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Class 6LM's Oral History Project

Tredworth School in 1905

This is Class 6LM at Tredworth Junior School. Our teacher, Mrs Mubarak, is on the right. In the centre are Miss Holder, who works in our class, with her father, Mr Holder, who came in to talk to us.

Most children in our class were born in Gloucester, but some were born in other parts of Britain, and some came to Tredworth from other parts of the world: Misa comes from the Czech Republic and Sofia comes from Panama. Many of our parents, and grandparents were born in Gloucester too, but some parents come from India and some come from Jamaica.

We wanted to find out more about what it was like to come to Gloucester from another country, and how things have changed. During our last term at Junior school, Summer 2000, we did an oral history project.

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