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Mrs. Celeste Baddon

Mrs. Celeste Baddon was born in Jamaica, and went to school there. About her school days, she remembers singing "Jesus loves me, this I know." She remembers that she didn't get the cane much because "I always behave myself well," and that, "Me love to read and write and answer question."

What did her parents do for a living? Work! Her parents were farmers, and she herself was a farmer's wife when she lived in Jamaica. Later, when she came to live in England, she didn't have so much time to work, because she was busy bringing up her children ... "plenty children!"

In 1950, two of her sons came to England, and Celeste followed in 1962 with her daughter, who found work in a hospital. The reason she first came to England was to visit her children. She remembers that it was in the summer, so it wasn't so cold ... "but by coming often, often, sometimes it cold, sometimes it warm ..."

Nowadays, she travels a lot because she likes to spend time with her children and grandchildren - "I have some lovely family" - and they are all over the world! She has some family in this country, and also in Canada, and America.

You can see a video extract from Mrs Baddon's interview here

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