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Mr. George Brown

Mr. Brown had a good life in Jamaica when he was young. His memories from his childhood are all good ones, about growing up in a big family with 14 children - 7 boys and 7 girls.
He used to play cricket, marbles, and rounders, when he was young. He recalls: "We used to meet on Sundays at the crossroad and we used to have lots of fun games - girls and boy."
My father used to work very hard. He was a farmer ... lots of cattle, ... lots of corn, ... I used to have lots of goats when I was there.

Have you done anything embarrassing when you were young?

"Yes, I remember one. I come from school one day, and my father sent me to the shop - and I told him that I'm not going. And he beat me for it! And I never forgot I should not tell him that. For he's my father, and where he sends me I should go - I shouldn't tell him that I'm not going. I didn't go - and I regret it. I'm sorry. When I come to England - I tell him that I'm sorry about that. It never leave me."

Why did you come to England?

"That's a BIG question! Everybody talking about this England, and I say I have to go to find out for myself. I have six more brother, and none of them didn't want to come to England. But sure I was a naughty boy. I used to do welding - making flowers pot stands, and gates, and burglar-bar window. And I worked for a man ... and he never paid me the day. And I get upset and break them in pieces! And my old man had to send me away - because I was a NAUGHTY boy!

When did you come to England?

"I come to England 1961 the 20th October. Somebody was to come and meet me, but they could not make it, and I make my way to Gloucester on my own."

Mr. Brown has seen many changes in Gloucester, such as more, and bigger, roads; the town becoming more built up; trees coming down; "But let's say it's come nice - big change in Gloucester."

You can see video extracts of Mr Brown talking about his family and explaining why he came to England.

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