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Mrs. Dora Davies

Mrs. Davies was born in Jamaica. These are some of the things she remembers about her childhood there, where she grew up in a family of six children

She had two dogs - their names were Corporal and Nero.

"When I was little in Jamaica, my Mam and Dad ... the same teacher that teach my Mam and Dad teach me, and my brother and sister, the three of us."

She remembers a song her mother used to sing, and everyone in the family used to join in. "And my Mam always sings to us and I remember that we always sing it, and I don't forget it -God bless their soul - they're gone."
(Mrs. Davies' mother died two years ago, and her father died last Tuesday).

She remembers the Coronation:

"The coronation was very good. I could remember, we were young children at school, and teacher practice us a song, and because the Queen was coming, and everything was good and we had a lovely time. The Queen came at Sabina Park, in Kingston and a huge lot of people ... huge place ... and it was wonderful. All the schools from all different places were there, and we have a little flag - waving, and singing to the queen! We were so happy and glad to see her - she had a good welcome. It was good, very good."
"And we have nice uniform - white blouse, and navy blue skirt. It was good. It was lovely."

She got married in Jamaica, where they had a lovely wedding "two flowers girls, and bridesmaids - and happy, very happy!"
After their wedding, Mrs. Davies husband came to England to work. In 1961, Mrs. Davies followed him.
"My husband met me. I have a lot of pleasant memories. I were happy to come because my husband was here, and I was dying to see him, because I was in love. And it start from there. I live a happy life. I work. I go home. I have three children. Two girls and a boy. They are big young people now but I am happy. And I think they are happy with me. We live a happy life."

Do you remember how you felt when you first came to England?

"It was terrible. When I was up in the plane - leave that way, and coming here, I found my teeth were chattering, and I was trembling, I couldn't stop! It was terrible! But luckily, my husband came to meet me - and then I was warm. It was beautiful."

Mrs. Davies did domestic work at Standish Hospital. "Well, it was alright, because I learn a lot of things, and I try to obey what they tell me to do, and try to help the sick ones. I love to help the sick ones, and we get on quite well. They were good time. It was lovely - I like to help anybody."

Mrs. Davies told us about changes in her life:
"I had three children, and growing up, it was alright. But then life change, because everything change. The children, them different from our children in Jamaica ... things change ...Ýbut then we manage to make it. And it was good, it was good."

What's important to you in life?

"Well I love to help, and I love my church. I go to church. I love my church, and I speak to everybody and anybody. I love people, and I love a quiet life. - you know, humble, because God love people and He love little children, and we try to do His will. And be humble, and live to the honour and glory of God."

Her brothers and sisters now live, one in America, two in England, and two in Jamaica. Mrs. Davies' roots are in England now:
"My children are here, my friends are here, and I am here."

You can see video extracts of Mrs Davies talking about the Coronation and about her childhood in Jamaica.

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