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Mr. A.J. Goddard

When Mr. Goddard was a child in Jamaica, he used to play football and cricket. At school, he remembers singing 'To be a pilgrim', 'Jesus loves me, Yes I know' and 'God Save the Gracious Queen'.

When did you come to England?

"19th September 1961, I came to England. I met two friends. I make arrangements with a friend to meet me here. He was living in Leicester, and I also make arrangement with another friend afterward, he was living in Gloucester, to come and meet me.

The friend in Leicester come down to meet me, but I disappoint him. Instead of going up to Leicester with him, I come to Gloucester with the other friend, as he was younger. And he didn't like that. He was very upset. He said me, "You should tell me that you're not coming to Leicester, and then I wouldn't drive my car some 127 miles to come down to Southampton - I would just forgot it! Well, nevertheless, you change your mind, and you're gone with this young boy, like yourself, to Gloucester."

"But I don't regret a day I spent in Gloucester. Everything's alright. My wife, who wasn't my wife at the time, she was only my girl-friend, she came along with me, and we both went to a home in Gloucester with this young chap. And there I settle. I get marry, have few more children, and buy a house, and begin to work and settle. And from there, my stay in Gloucester just keep - years after years, I just find myself living in Gloucester, and don't wish to go nowhere else."

How did you feel when you first came to England?

"When I first came to England I was very cold, and I wish I was back home."

Can you tell me something about your life in Gloucester?

"My life in Gloucester. I am very much accustomed to Gloucester now. When I come to Gloucester and compared to now, there are many changes. First of all, the people in Gloucester wasn't what I would call friendly - the native wasn't friendly when I come here ... but now they are change ... a different generation are changing... They are very friendly now.

What is your most pleasant memory?

"My most pleasant memory in Gloucester is what I'm glad for. Since I came to Gloucester - I wasn't a Christian - but since I come to Gloucester, I begin to go to church. I found myself - given myself over to the Lord - and become the Christian.

If you had the chance, would you go back to Jamaica to live?

"Well, I like England - I get acclimatized to England - I would go back to Jamaica, not right now to live for good ... I would go for a very long holiday and return back to England."

You can see a video extract from Mr Goddard's interview here

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