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Mrs. Milna Rose Hancock

Mrs. Hancock remembers that family life as a child in Jamaica was a happy life. She didn't see her Dad so much, just her Mum. She was the eldest child in the family, so sometimes she had to stay with the younger ones, and look after them, but she remembers everything being good, and there being lots of good food to eat, such as mangoes, jackfruit and pears.

She wasn't naughty at home "No, I couldn't because my Mum was very rough...she just look at me ...she don't talk ... she just look at me ... and I know exactly what she mean!"

But in school, she sometimes got the belt, for fighting in the playground..."I didn't get the cane, I got the belt. Well, I wasn't that ... I wasn't bad, because I didn't talk a lot, and I didn't play. But if I go and sit there, when school give break, and you come and touch me! Well! That's it! I don't play, but if I go just to sit on my own - well - If you come and mess with me - You get it!"

Mrs. Hancock came to England for the first time in 1990, when she was met by her brothers and sisters. She found English food very strange: "I couldn't eat, for the first time." and she buys Jamaican food from the shop: bananas, yams, pumpkin, breadfruit, because "I enjoy it more."

You can see a video extract from Mrs Hancock's interview here

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