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Mrs. Dolores Rhoule

Mrs. Rhoule joked that she was so old she must have forgotten her name!

She came to live in England in 1990, when she was met by her daughter. She hasn't been back to Jamaica since she left.
When she was little, skipping was one of the games she used to play.
Her family had lots of animals when she was little, including dogs and pigs but 'We never give them no name.'

What are your pleasant memories?

"If times are good we remember, but all those days are past gone - can't remember them."

Why did you come to England?

Why did me come? Well, I grow up the children, and after them grow up, everyone leave. Some came to Canada, some to England, and just leave me alone in the home. None wasn't with me in the house.
Since I alone, I can't stay by myself - I want the use of somebody. I come over and stay with them and I live along with my daughter right now.

What do you remember about school in Jamaica?

I learned to sign my name in school but I'm not a good reader.
My mother died when I was two year old and then my father raised me up.
The lady who he married to - you know, who bring me up, that is called mother-in-law, she wasn't a nice mother-in-law, so I don't get the fullness of what I was to get. Right.

What did your parents do for a living?

Cultivation. They plant yam, banana, cocoa, potato - everything! And then you get food to eat and sell.

Do you have any bad memories?

No bad memories. Everything is as I like.

What songs did you sing when you were young?

All Christian songs I sing. Not no other song.

"Jesus love me,
Yes I know,
Because the Bible
Tells me so.
Little ones
To Him belong.
They are weak
But He is strong.

All those songs.

How did you feel when you first came to England?

How me did feel? Just feel alright - only look different and cold and all those things. Because we never know this coldness in Jamaica. No.
So when you come here it's a little funny to you but you just have to make up your mind. Yes.
Jamaica no cold just rainy month, October month, when we picking coffee - we call that month Cold Month.

You can see a video extract from Mrs Rhoule's interview here

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