The Oxford Epigraphy Workshop Trinity Term 2023

512px nama stele dhegeso

The Grave Stele of Hegeso (c.410–400 BC), National Archeological Museum of Athens


Week 1 (April 24th): Jules Buffet, Paris Nanterre: ‘The Endowment of Eudemos in Miletus (Syll.-3 577): a Case-study for Financial Oligarchy and the Definition of Hellenistic Democracy’.


Week 2 (May 1st): No seminar.


Week 3 (May 8th): Davide Massimo, Nottingham: ‘The Hellenistic verse inscriptions from Seleucia- on-the-Eulaios (Susa)’.


Week 4 (May 15th): René Lavanchy, Oxford: ‘Rethinking personal borrowing on Hellenistic Delos through the temple accounts’.


Martin Lopez Howe, Oxford: 'A Thracian god worshipped only by Egyptians: dedications to Heron in the Ptolemaic and Roman Fayoum'.


Week 5 (May 22nd): Imran Asif & Jonathan Prag, Oxford: ‘First steps towards a world of FAIR epigraphy’.


Week 6 (May 29th): Justine Potts, Oxford: ‘Adventures in ancient South Arabian epigraphy: a new inscription from the temple of ʾAlmaqah near Marib’.


Week 7 (June 5th): No seminar.


Week 8 (June 12th): Katherine Backler, Oxford: 'Women’s epigraphic culture?’


Convened by Dr Charles Crowther, Dr Olivia Elder and Dr Leah Lazar