The Oxford Epigraphy Workshop Michaelmas Term 2023

makron arv 468 144 hetaira and youth  hetairai and youths


Week 1 (Oct 9th): Peter Thonemann (Oxford), ‘A new honorific decree from Laodikeia on the Lykos’


Week 2 (Oct 16th): No Meeting


Week 3 (Oct 23): Beate Dignas (Oxford), 'Sacrifice inscribed: Was Nicomachus doomed to fail?'


Week 4 (Oct 30): Saffie Welch (Oxford), ‘Hetairai and power in 4th and 3rd century Attic katadesmoi’


Week 5 (Nov 6): Lina Girdvainyte (Edinburgh), ‘Public display of affection? Roman citizens and local decision-making in early imperial Greek cities’ 


Week 6 (Nov 13): Oliver Clarke (Oxford), ‘The Polis, the Ambassador, and the Kings: Nasos/Pordoselene and Civic Self-Presentation in the Early Hellenistic Period’


Week 7 (Nov 20): No Meeting

Week 8 (Nov 27): Shekinah Vera-Cruz (Warwick), ‘A ‘dead letter’: Reading mancipatio in Fortunata’s deed of sale’


Convened by Dr Charles Crowther, Dr Olivia Elder and Dr Leah Lazar