Romano British Writing Tablets - Project Team 2023-2028

Director: Professor Alan Bowman
Co-Director: Prof Alex Mullen
Co-Director: Dr Roger Tomlin

The Project is based at the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford, and is overseen by the
Management Committee of the CSAD (Director Prof. Andrew Meadows)

Co-researchers involved in the project are:
Dr. Charles Crowther (CSAD and the Queen's College, Oxford)
Dr. Andrew Birley (The Vindolanda Trust)
Dr. Julian Hill (MOLA)
Dr Anna Willi (Post-doctoral researcher, University of Nottingham)
Prof Alex Meyer ( Vindolanda Trust; University of Western Ontario, Canada)
Mr Taylor Bennett (Oxford doctoral student)
Mr Scott Vanderbilt (independent researcher)
Research Support Officer at the CSAD, Dr. Chloe Colchester.